Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks

I turned to my computer this afternoon to write my post and had a light-bulb moment. I’m sitting on my comfy couch with my Mac on my lap.  My lab Jack is tightly stuck to my left leg, his ear lapping over the keyboard.  The heater’s on. It’s 70 degrees inside the house. I have my favorite horses-running-wild blanky covering my legs. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I’m watching the drops pinging off the table out on the deck. I just finished eating pretzel rods and cottage cheese and am sipping a Coke.

What the heck? This picture of homey bliss is just so discrepant with what’s going on east of California. A friend sent me an e-mail with 54 pictures of what Frankenstorm Sandy just did to the East Coast. People are still without power. They’re freezing inside their homes. Food is probably scarce and, if not, it’s probably not bubbly hot because their stoves don’t work. They’ve lost homes, cars, pets, perhaps friends or relatives.

This makes me ever so grateful for many things. I’m happy I live on the coast of California where weather is really in truly never a big problem. It’s 60 degrees outside and rain has never been torrential – ever. Our electricity never goes out. Our gas always comes on. It’s never freezing cold. The winds are boringly mild.

Many, many people on the East Coast aren’t going to have their normal Thanksgiving dinners. Two weeks from now they’ll be able to give thanks for their lives, of course, but maybe little else.

So, what can I do to help? As a person lucky enough to live in the United States I have an especially keen sense of neighborliness, having grown up in small cities. I don’t have a particular charity in mind. Perhaps the Red Cross is the best place to send a donation?

I’m thankful for everything I have and thankful I can give something to others. Anyone have a suggestion for the best charity to send money to help those on the East Coast?



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  1. Patricia, I have family who still haven’t been able to return to their homes. This week’s snow storm won’t help matters. The Red Cross is your best bet for providing financial assistance. Neighbors here in Georgia have adopted a school and are organizing a drive for supplies and gift cards. My sorority, Delta Gamma, is also collecting donations, 100 percent going to sisters in the area who have lost so much. Check with churches or schools in your area. Maybe they are doing the same and on behalf of my displaced family members, thank you!

    • Thank you, Tracy, for telling me about your community’s efforts. When I watch the television it’s the Red Cross that I hear so much about. Their work is backed by a lot of donations and they seem like the best way to go for my money. Good luck to your family and hopefully they can return to their homes soon.

  2. The Red Cross would be my first thought too. They do so much for those affected by disasters. I am definitely thankful for all I have and am praying for those on the East Coast. Wonderful post, Patti.

  3. Beautiful post, Patti. You’ve made me realize so much.:)

  4. Great post, Patti. Sometimes we need something like a superstorm to remind us of our humanity. Cheers!

  5. That’s a great idea, Patti. The Red Cross in Canada usually collects donations for causes like this, so I’m checking it out so I can help, too. You know, I’m whining this week because it’s been snowing almost non-stop, but at least I’m warm in my house. It’s easy to forget that there is always someone out there who has it tougher. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  6. Patti, you have a big heart. Wherever you send your donations, your help will be appreciated. $$ from those of us that are safe help too !!

    • Hey, you know what happened, Florence? I was on FB just now and someone posted about a group of seniors on the East Coast that were displaced from the senior facility and needed money to help them out. So, I donated there because 100% of the money was going to go to their care.

  7. Patti, Downunder we’ve been watching all the havoc and can only sympathize. As you know, our weather down here is capricious and deadly, so we have an inkling of what devastation has been caused.

    On another note, WHY do you tape your lab to your leg? Huh? My lab would put up with that but she would LOOK at me and you know what a lab’s eyes look like when they do that.

    • Oh my god, Vonnie, I am laughing so hard, I can’t breathe! That was just my way of saying that he’s “stuck” on me like tape, you know? Hopefully no one else caught that and thinks I’m abusing my poor baby Jack. I cry when he cries, for goodness’ sake! Oh, wow, I’ll have to change my words and watch it next time! Thanks for taking note. Boy!

  8. Thanks for the thoughtful post about being thankful when so many are suffering. I’d like to also suggest Samaritan’s Purse. Here’s the link:

  9. Beautiful post, Patti.

  10. It’s important to view the little things as what they really add up to be: pretty darn big. Great post. Thanks for getting me thinking about gratitude.

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