Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

For the Love of Gardening

Gardening is about more than plants and produce, seeds and weeds.  It’s about color and texture, emotional satisfaction and visual pleasure.  Visiting my garden this morning, I noticed more than what’s in bloom, what’s ripe, what needs harvested, what needs weeded.  I “felt” my plants and greens.

Cloudy overhead, the space felt calm, peaceful as I admired Mother Nature in all her glory. She felt rich and sensual…grounding.  It felt good.  I felt good.

Gazing at my lush growth, I notice that my eggplant and cinnamon basil share common coloring.  My pumpkin is plump and round as it ripens to a gorgeous orange and it made me smile.

It reminded me of kids and fun and fall–my favorite season of all. 

With a nip in the air, a stillness in my heart, I enjoyed the moment.  I went on to check my tomatoes.  Beauties in the making, working their way to luscious red.

And speaking of red, my red cabbage are safe and secure beneath their netting (we have cricket issues), appearing more like flowers than food.  How can a gal not love flowers in her garden?

Impossible, in my book.  And as I gaze out over my garden in its entirety, I crave to linger, immerse myself in the leisure of life. 

But I can’t.  Work calls, kids holler, the husband phoned…  I’m needed elsewhere at the moment (another lovely feeling!), so I’ll tuck this memory away and return later.

Am I the only one that looks at vegetables differently?  Do you have a garden to live by?


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