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Do You Believe In Santa?

Just the other day my 14-year-old daughter caught me. She said, “Didn’t you just tell me that because you can’t see love or kindness that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist?” I said, “Yes, I said that.” She countered with, “And we were watching that movie last night and the mom said because you can’t see Santa Clause, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist, right?” I had to agree with her there.┬áNo, I don’t think she believes in Santa. I should say, NO, she definitely no longer believes in Santa Clause. She’s fourteen! However, she made a good point.

Both my kids stopped believing in Santa at about age 10 or 11, however they allowed me to play Santa for about two years past that point so they could “still get a lot of gifts”, they said. Still, every year I give them gifts marked “From Santa” and other gifts marked “Love Mom and Dad”.

My discussion with her about love and kindness made me think, “Why do I still pretend there’s a Santa Clause?”

Am I trying to hang onto their childhood, refusing to acknowledge they’re 18 and 14? Do I miss the looks on their faces when they’d see the pile of packages from Santa and their smiles when opening his gifts?

Yeah, I do. But, truthfully, I think I’m trying to keep them from throwing all belief in fantasy and things you can’t see and touch. I really need them to know there are things that exist though we can’t hold them in our hands and observe them with our five senses. Whether they believe in God or ghosts or aliens or kharma, I want them to know that the “material world” isn’t the only one out there for us to experience.

And that includes Santa Clause.

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