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images-311On the one hand, I feel bad not mentioning the Sandy Hook killings because I know it’s on the minds of most people, right?

On the other hand, many would rather grieve quietly and don’t want to talk about it any longer.

But one thing I do know is that everyone is wondering when this type of thing will stop?  What will it take to make it stop?

There are those who believe our mental healthcare system needs to be revamped.

And there are those who believe there should be some severe gun control.

I believe both.

We need to help those who need psychological help.

And who the heck (I mean REALLY) needs an AK-47 or any or semi-automatic weapon?  Come on!


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  1. I’m in favor of mental health care reform first. Honestly, people willing to do illegal things to get their hands on guns will still be willing to do illegal things to get their hands on them after we have new laws in place. Not that I think any private citizen necessarily needs an AK-47 or MP-5, but people willing to break the law to get one will continue to do just that.

    And let’s face it–the young men in these recent mass shootings were willing to break the law. Illegally obtaining those guns was the least of their crimes.

    But improving mental health care in this country needs to be a priority. Getting these folks the help they so desperately need needs to be something we actively pursue. Let’s not wring our hands and ask “Why?” after they’ve done something. Let’s help them before it has to get this far.

    Uh… I hope this won’t get me tarred and feathered. Climbing down off of soapbox. 🙂

  2. Nobody needs an assault rifle, everybody needs health care. People make money selling assault rifles, governments spend money on providing health care. Some people (and I use the expression loosely) would rather spend their money on an assault rifle than on health care for someone who can’t afford it for themselves. That’s why IMHO you have to take away their choice and legislate. Sometimes you have to protect people from their own stupidity.

    • Jane – Your statements epitomize the term “judgmental.” Who are you to dictate what someone needs? And terms like “nobody” and “everybody” pretty much negate any credence in your statements. Saying that people should not be allowed to spend their own money on firearms and, instead, be required to “contribute” to health care for those who can’t afford it is pretty socialistic, don’t you think? Meanwhile, the government is giving away Obamaphones and welfare for able-bodied people who are simply too lazy to work for a living because they want to be “taken care of” by the government. No wonder he was re-elected.

  3. Thing is… legally those guns you mentioned are really hard to come by for law abiding citizens. An unarmed citizen is a target. As for semiautomatic weapons… you want us to use what?!? If someone wants to kill or harm you… they WILL find a way! I ask you… take 5-10 mins… look up Suzanna Hupp’s video testimony on the 2nd… now understand this… she lost BOTH of her parents in the Luby Massacre… or better yet… tell that 12 yr old OK girl who shot an intruder that she shouldn’t have had that gun to protect herself! If it’s an issue of not having gun knowledge… email me! I will find someone in your area to help educate you on guns and gun safety and a day at the range. I will NOT let myself or my son have our rights taken away out of fear!! Guns don’t kill people!!! PEOPLE kill people! Prison is a good example… look at what they do to one another without guns! Look at those countries that have strict gun control laws… Criminals don’t follow laws!!! If they did they wouldn’t be Criminals… one last thing… Chicago had their gun ban in place… a weekend or so ago… they had 10… 10 people shot and killed… in ONE night! Who is going to protect you if you don’t protect yourself? 4 minutes is the average response time for Police… if you can call them… Time 4 minutes… then ask yourself… what could happen in that time?!? Things to think about…

  4. There are some people that need help. And I’m still wondering why people don’t lock up their guns.

  5. Rather than address guns or mental health, I’ll add this potentially-controversial comment: The media will not stop hounding the families for information until we, the viewers, stop watching. They are going for ratings, and they will do whatever they can to uncover news they believe we want. But no matter how many hours they spend covering these families, we will NOT truly know them or discover a quick fix to such tragedies.

    It’s sad but true. I had some contact years ago with a murder tragedy in my area, and it was horrible to see how the media hovered like vultures…and how we viewers fed that. I grieve for those who lost loved ones. They have my thoughts and prayers, but the news networks do not get my attention for drawing out the story.

  6. First of all, I agree there should be no assault weapons out there for ANYBODY to buy. But since someone came up with the big idea to create and put them out there, I feel it is beyond the government’s control to stop those of which will use them to create havoc. No, these weapons should not be in ordinary people’s homes, but even with serious gun control, they WILL be in the homes of criminals. And will it stop the violent acts? No. We forget the unibomber, who used explosives? The terrorists who used planes? What about the anthrax killings? It’s not the vehicle of the crime, but the perpetrator of the crime that needs attention. There has always been crazy people that will do such acts. But in my opinion, where there is a crazy person getting ready to do these things, there are friends and family members that have seen the clues. These clues need to be heeded by law inforcement. I read someplace that the Columbine killer’s friend told the police he was getting ready to do something and they said they could do nothing about it. Maybe there needs to be a law passed that if someone reports a “potential” crime, that person be picked up for questioning, and held if there is probable cause. I know… this triggers a discussion on whether a person’s rights might be violated if such a law is passed. Well, maybe there will be false claims, just as there are false arrests, but it’s better than having a bunch of people getting killed.

    • Assault Weapons?!? You use a propaganda term to make your point? I’m an Assault Weapon!! I will use ANY “weapon” to “assault” someone breaking into my home to harm me or my family!! Assault RIFLES are ONLY used by the military… now semiautomatic weapons are not Assault anything… you know that saying… don’t judge a book by its cover?!? Don’t judge a gun by its cover either!

      • I stand corrected on the term I used Amanda. I agree that it isn’t the weapon, whatever you call it, that kills, it’s the person using it and for what reason. But I still believe that for protection, a semi-automatic weapon is overkill (no pun intented). Just my personal feeling.

        • I hear what you’re saying. Yes I’m a gun owner. I’ve been shooting guns since I was 5 or 6 yrs old. Thing is… if you have a single action or semiautomatic… revolver or pistol… pump action or semiautomatic shotgun… or a semiautomatic rifle… history has shown what happens if you disarm people. I may not be able to sway your opinion, but I will do my best to hopefully change it. Look at WWII… We weren’t invaded then because they knew we had guns behind every blade of grass… We have a lot of Countries that don’t like the US. What do you think will happen if they know our citizens are unarmed? In 9/11 they used planes… why? Planes have been gun free for a long time. If you break down a way to arm people… you’re opening yourselves to be victims of much worse. Again I’ll offer… if it’s because you’re scared of guns… I’m more then willing to find someone in your area to teach you.

  7. I agree that the Sandy Hook tragedy is being talked about by enough people to keep it in the forefront. But tragedies like this do have a “shelf life” and eventually the popularity will die down.

    I agree that we need to take care of those with mental issues. I agree that gun owners should be vigilant about who has access to their firearms.

    And I feel that anyone who wants an AK-47, provided they are legally allowed to own one and mentally capable of doing so, should be able to purchase it. This is America, after all. This is the land where I can own a Ford if I wish to. I can buy a house in the country if I so desire. And I can vote for any candidate I choose—and we can vote OUT any who advocate violation of the 2nd amendment rights that our forefathers gave us.

    So, to turn that comment back around on you… Who needs a boob job? Who needs a sex change?

    In the final analysis, automobiles, clothing, firearms, surgical procedures, hairstyles, shoes, food, tobacco, liquor, are all personal choices and the acquisition of those things fall within the individual’s constitutional right to their own personal “pursuit of happiness.” If you’re an anti-gun person, that’s your choice. But don’t try to force me to comply with your preferences. Anti-gun people should get over their tunnel vision and realize that it’s the lawful gun owners, those who are not mentally ill, those who are legally allowed to own firearms, that will end up protecting the rest of you when things get worse. And things may get worse before they get better. At that point, you will be changing your tune, I guarantee it.

  8. America has 5% of the world’s population. And 50% of the world’s guns. Frankly, I don’t see the need. I have taught pistol shooting. I do not currently own a gun, and don’t intend to. I believe the specific-to-the-USA pro-gun mentality creates the kind of situation where a “pro-gun” woman would think it was a good idea to give her deranged child access to a semi-automatic–or indeed, any gun at all.

  9. Patti … thanks for posting this and … I am sure you can see from the comments that this is a very important issue to most of us.

    You are so right … who the heck ever shot a rabbit with an AK47 assault riffle?

    It boils down to priorities. We need to put education and helath care on the front burner … people first and finally get a workable gun control law.

    • What the gun control people can’t seem to understand is that GUN CONTROL LAWS WILL HAVE NO EFFECT on gun violence. In fact, it will have the OPPOSITE effect by taking guns away from the lawful citizens who can help stop the violence. Idiots. Wake up.

      • Relax Michael … laws in general do not prevent violence and crime … they are merely a framework from which we can try to build in some safeguards.

        You need to take a nap. And … please don’t assume that those who have a different view of this than yours are idiots. I might think that is a bit of projection 🙂

        • Watch the video I posted above… One man against a mob protected his home and family during the riots in Cali… and define idiot? I say this because the term was not used incorrectly. It’s how it was perceived that was taken out of context?

        • No. It’s not projection. Anyone who believes that gun control will reduce violent crime is not aware of the history of these attempts. The fact is that in countries with gun control legislation, violent crime actually goes UP by a significant percentage. If you don’t see the connection, than you are either stupid or so opinionated that you don’t want to look at the facts of the matter. Gun control will NOT solve or prevent anyone from acting out their violent tendencies. If someone wants to commit violent acts, they will find a way, whether they have a gun or not.

          Also, those who are stating on here that the AR15 and the AK4i7 are military weapons, are equally ignorant of the terminology. They are a sporting rifle. Semi-automatic and not capable of firing bursts. It requires a pull of the trigger for every shot to be fired. Get your terminology correct or refrain from making statements that paint you as an imbecile. I hate it when people speak about topics that they are not informed about. That simply makes them look stupid. Get the facts, the history, and terminology correct and, perhaps, someone will put some credence into your opinion.

  10. Interesting to see so many comments and the opinions this question elicits. Whatever your opinion may be, I pray for the families who lost loved ones.

  11. I agree, Patti. No one needs military-style weapons in this country except the military. I don’t think we need or could ban all guns – but semi-automatic, highly customizable weapons? Yeah, we don’t need those.

    I’m also totally for bringing back mental health facilities. Reagan did no one any favors when he cut funding for those in the 1980s, and mental hospitals all over the country closed. It’s a dual discussion, in my opinion.

    We’ll see how fast Congress reacts (remember how they jumped – in 11 DAYS – to insure that a “wardrobe malfunction” [i.e., a bare breast shown on TV] would never happen again? This country is more scared of sex than guns. Which is totally ridiculous.

    • What will you do when that Military… with those weapons are used against you? Step in and say Sieg Heil? Or be slaughtered? The 2nd is to protect us from tyranny and the Militia…

      • Amanda – Are you even aware of what the 2nd amendment says? It is not to protect us from the militia. If you don’t have your facts correct, your statements only serve to lead other people into believing the same incorrect information that you’re stating. Get it right, or don’t post it. Misinformation is not helpful.

        • Michael… now I shall ask you to watch the video I posted above…

          • Amanda – EXACTLY! That video reinforces everything I’ve been saying. That young lady might have not lost her parents if she had been allowed to have a firearm with her. It appears we are in agreement about this after all, and that our right to bear arms should not be dictated by legislation, as the lady states so clearly in the video.

    • Christine – Your statement that we don’t need semi-automatic weapons is, again, a typical anti-gun opinion. I could just as easily say we don’t need breast enhancements, or cars with more than 100 horsepower, or electric can openers. Its an opinion you hold, and you should state that before saying something like that. Have you ever been in a situation where you were in danger for your life? If you ever find yourself in a situation like that, and I pray you don’t, you might decide at that point that you wish you had a gun for defense against potential bodily injury or death. You owe it to your family to protect yourself and to be in a position to protect them if they are placed in danger. I guarantee you that you will change your tune if something like that happens to you. Trust me.

    • I hear you about the mental health facilities. I worked for the State of Michigan back when they closed them in the state. Many of the people ended up in the prison system, where I worked. They had to have special psychiatric prisons for them, and do you not think that cost the government more money? Who knows what happened to the unfortunate folks that didn’t make it into the prison system.

  12. There are both good and bad reasons to have guns. I just wish we didn’t need them at all.

  13. Patti – You’ve hit upon a controversial subject indeed. I despise the additional stigma the media has thrown about wherein using the term ‘mental health’ to include every illness. We all know that violence and mental illness don’t go together 100% of the time. Matter of fact, they rarely go together. When we look at statistics, the mentally ill individual is more likely to turn the gun upon themselves than they are to use it on another person. In the situation this past Friday, healthcare would have been no problem. His mother was receiving almost $300,000/yr in alimony plus an additional allowance for ‘the’ son. I won’t lay blame with the mother, I don’t know the facts. She couldn’t have made her son be committed. She couldn’t have made him seek help. She couldn’t make him do anything. Her choice, she could have never purchased the guns in the first place.

    • “She couldn’t have made her son be committed. She couldn’t have made him seek help.”

      Hunh? Certainly a parent or other family members can get a child–or, for that matter, an adult–committed. Even against their will. They can certainly, at least, obtain psychiatric assessment, and perhaps court-ordered therapy. Don’t encourage anyone to think that all they can do is sit on their hands if a family member is becoming “odd.” And keeping guns in the house with a mentally ill family member–to say nothing of encouraging him to use them–is just weird.

  14. Reform-wise, we need both guns and mental health to be addressed. If we wait on either, esp. the gun, we will forget the horror we witnessed this week and how certain types of ammunication can wreak havoc in a short two minutes.

    I believe we all have the right to own guns. I’ve shot guns for sport (not hunting) and enjoyed the experience. But, not for one second,do I believe our forefathers would approve of citizens being armed with something that–in their day– would almost be a weapon of mass destruction. When the constitution was written, they also thought african american’s were 3/5th of a person. So why shouldn’t be address what it means to us in this century as the right to bear arms?

    Yesterday’s NRA statement further proves the president of the group is in bed with the gun manufacturers and is acting on their behalf to increase sales. If I were one of the four million NRA members, I’d be ticked. Most of them agree these extreme weapons are unnecessary.

  15. Patti,

    Assault rifles etc should be banned. Guns have a place in society. Many in my family hunt but hunting doesn’t require that kind of weapon. And all weapons are locked away safely.

    Our country needs to step up and get rid of these types of guns.

    • Right Casey. We should get rid of those types of guns. And while we’re at it, why don’t we get rid of shotguns, too, because if you get rid of “those types of guns” what’s to stop someone from killing with a shotgun. Oh, and then anything with a .45 caliber chamber. And then anything in the 9mm size, and the .380, and of course the .22. Yeah, and then we should get rid of baseball bats because those can kill people too. And cars, because you can always run over someone. Where does it end? Finally, those who are calling the AR and the AK “assault rifles” need to get their facts straight. Spend a little time checking out your terminology before following blindly and parroting what others have said. Get the facts, then form your own opinion. And while you’re at it, check out this video if you want to see what can happen if we do what you’re advocating. My heart bleeds for the people in Australia after watching this. It’s truly a sad situation.

  16. Human nature and morality cannot be legislated. We, the people, must make the changes in our own lives, same as our family and friends. Freedom has a price tag, a price tag that looks different from one day to the next, one person to the next, one era to the next. America is the last stand for personal freedom. Has the experiment run its course?

    I hope not. But personal responsibility must return, from health care (mental or otherwise) to gun ownership, raising children to our financial affairs, the change begins at home, with each and every one of us.

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