Looking Ahead

NYECan you believe it? We’re just days from 2013 and all it holds in store.

I’ve put no thought into resolutions, or what my goals should be for the coming year. But as 2012 winds down, I realize that in the months ahead I want more of what was mine in those most recently lived.

2012 has been the first full year since my divorce. It’s been a year of processes, renewal, emergence. And I’m so proud to attribute those terms to the life I’ve been living.

In what’s ahead I seek more self-discovery and strength. More letting go of the past, and believing in my future. Stretching to do more of the things I’ve never done, while learning to embrace the parts of me that can’t be changed. Being true to myself. Being a solid, constant source of support and understanding for my growing daughters, and my friends. I want to manifest creativity. I seek courage and inner peace. I seek love.

2013? I seek you. Bring it.

What’s in the year ahead for you?

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  1. You’ve done an awesome job this year. 🙂 Next year, I turn 40. I’m hoping for a year of embracing the person I am, and caring less about how others view me.

  2. I hope 2013 brings health, peace and happiness to those I love. I hope to feel like a productive and contributing member of society and a good role model for my kids.

  3. My son and daughter and husband and I were just talking about this last night at Christmas dinner. My daughter asked me the question first. My son answered for me. He said last year I wanted to get an agent and I did. So for 2013 I told them I want my agent to find a publisher for my book. What control do I have over that, they asked me? I told my daughter the only control I have over whether that happens is to work on editing the book my agent wants to submit. So I better make it the best it can be.

  4. Happy holidays, everyone!

    I hope 2013 brings more global happiness and peace. If we can inch toward it every year, maybe by 2050 we’ll have global unity. 🙂 On a personal level, I just want to get organized. LOL!

    • Organization is good, Sheila! Motivation is what I should pursue. 🙂

      The idea of peace and happiness seems so simple. I hope for it, too.

  5. I, for one, am GLAD to see 2013 after all the Mayan predictions. As with any new year, it’s like a reset button–on my thoughts, actions, perspective. I like to sit back and take a look at where I’ve been, where I’m going and ask the question: Am I on course?

    This works for kids and hubby, too. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • So true, Dianne. Everyone should press their reset button now and again, and what better opportunity than with the new year?

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