College Football Showdown!

I love college football. Just to prove this point, my family and I drove seven hours New Year’s eve to Orlando to watch the University of Georgia Bulldogs beat the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Capital One bowl on New Year’s Day. We drove home right after the victory and were in our own beds just after midnight. It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it to see our Dawgs cap a successful season.

Because I love college football, I hate to see it end with tonight’s National Championship game. Not only are my beloved Dawgs not playing (that’s a whole other story about clock management and arguably one of the best games played ever), but the game is on a Monday night! And it doesn’t start until 8 pm! A school night and a work night with an eight o’clock start?? Really? The NCAA can’t do better than that?GA Bulldogs Game

I know everything boils down to money, but do they really think more people will watch a Monday night game as opposed to a Saturday night game? Even a Thursday night game would be better than a Monday. Who wants to start the week off sleepy and irritable if your team doesn’t win? I know I don’t.

This scenario reminds me of the Atlanta Braves’ 1991 ‘worst to first’ season where game seven of the National League Championship Series was the night before my last final during my senior year of college. I remember my professor showing up late for the morning exam, apologizing. “Sorry guys,” he said as he unlocked the door. “I would have rescheduled the exam if I thought we’d make it to game seven.”

Even my college professor knew a late night must-see sports event wasn’t best aired at the start of a productive week. Will I watch the big game? Yes, at least for a little while. Before Florida got pummeled by Louisville, I thought Alabama would run away with the title without even trying, but now I’m not so sure. I do know the Dawgs would have given Notre Dame a run for their money.

Oh, well, as we Bulldogs say at the end of every season, “There’s always next year!”

What about you? Will you watch the big game? Any predictions?


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  1. I’m with you, Christy. I hate that the game is so late. It makes it hard for those people who want to travel to the game also because most are back at work or school. And, yes, I like this time of the season when we are all undefeated. 🙂

    • My husband is the eternal optimist. At the beginning of every season, we are going to win the National Championship. I gotta love his enthusiasm because it’s been a looooooong time!

  2. Kimberle Swaak

    Aside from dating a baseball player in college, I never really got into watching sports until I moved to the NL, and then it was all about soccer. I LOVE that sport! The family and I even traveled to South Africa in 2010 ~ the year Holland came in 2nd!! ~ to drape ourselves in head-to-toe orange and blow on vuvuzelas at a World Cup game in Cape Town. I can barely wait for 2014 in Brazil!

    • I’m awed by the passion exhibited by soccer fans. It’s nice to support something so global. At least you don’t feel pressured to stay up late tonight!

  3. It might not be good for kids and folks who have to work the next day, but the NCAA knows exactly what they’re doing. Many of the top ten rated shows last year were Monday Night NFL games, and the NCAA hopes to capitalize on that. And they do with huge numbers even until the last click of the clock.

    I’ll miss it too, we call January-August the dark time at our house. I’ll watch some March Madness if the games are good, some NFL, and college baseball if the Gamecocks are on fire again. Other than that, it’s college football for me.

    Congrats on a great season, I love your coach. Y’all came SO close to playing for the national championship…if those pesky Gamecocks hadn’t beaten you…again:-) Happy New Year, we’ll weather the dark time together.

    • I do enjoy the Gamecocks, Kim! It’s a school I’ve had fun visiting and have good friends who are rabid fans. I hate that your bowl game was on at the same time as ours, but the highlight reel from yours was priceless. I do love March Madness (as much as a football centered school can), but I do look forward to the fall!

  4. At least I’m in central time with a 7 pm start! I think the hardest part about this game is going to be rooting for the trophy to stay in the SEC.

  5. I’m not a football fan at all, but I think it’s cool you are, and that you share it with your family. Hope your team wins tonight!

  6. I won’t be watching (probably no surprise, huh? 🙂 ), but I hope your team makes you happy. And time flies by so fast, Christy, it’ll be time for a new season before you know it!

  7. College football in our home is a mixed bag — Seminoles and Gators under the same roof can be TRYING, to say the least! But fun. And we’re learning about good sportsmanship along the way. 🙂

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