The Whoop Heard ‘Round the World

by Ambro,

by Ambro,

It starts as a blip or ripple, somewhere deep inside. Like next to your colon.

With no warning it launches upward through your core, finding momentum by the passing second. The accompanying hum is soft, a comfort, the way it would feel if your favorite person could hug your soul.

Increased size and force are imminent, as are involuntary body wags (all-out wags, I’m telling you), and suddenly there’s sound. With volume. Lots and lots of volume.

It can be only one thing: The Whoop.

And it has only one cause: Excitement!

Maybe it’s because you got a fat check in the mail, or a new two-sizes-smaller wardrobe, or a puppy, but probably it’s because after months of planning, yes, the time has come, and you—along with a few girlfriends—will load your weekend bags, adjust your stress level, and point the vehicle yonder… to where fun awaits.

Very soon I will do just that. Pack up with friends and take off, leaving worry and responsibility behind. I will thumb my nose at work and chores, stress and the things that aren’t going right. I will let loose, enjoy myself, and make memories with some really great women.

I’m excited!

:body wag:


When’s the last time you took a trip with some girlfriends? Tell us about it.


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  1. How very, very fun, Janna! Have fun. You deserve a break.

  2. I always enjoy my fall writing retreats with my critique buddies. We write, eat, watch college football, eat, zumba, eat, take long walks in the woods and, you guessed it, eat! Enjoy your weekend, Janna!

  3. I love those apparently indescribable feelings where you can only rely (and hope) the reader has experienced it herself for the text to make sense :)… Ifelt the WHOOP when I saw the expression on my children’s faces as they first walked on the beach in the Carribean…it was like YAY! we’re here and they love it, WHOOP! A trip with the girlsfriends is still pending… ENJOY yours, bon voyage!!

  4. Janna! So excited for your trip. I’m lucky to be in on Tracy’s eat fest writing retreat and we’re blessed to have a writer friend who loves to feed us. You will have a blast and everything will be right where you left it.

  5. Janna, that sounds like a wonderfully stressful trip and I hope we get a full rundown of what you did. Yes, we like details. 🙂 Last road trip I took with “the girls” was actually with my mom. It was the first road trip we’ve taken alone, so it was great to spend time just chatting.

    Have a great time on yours!

  6. Girls’ night out are about as close as I get. 😦 But they are well worth it. Have fun on your trip!

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