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Did you watch Ghost Whisperer when it was running? I did…I was a big fan…and I guess a it was a bit of my writing inspiration for my first book. I love the thought of seeing and communicating with spirits.

Even wayyyyyyy back…remember The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? I LOVED this show as a kid. Kept rooting for them to get together…even though there were obvious obstacles.

But when you’re watching TV, do things bug you? Give you a twitch? Do you want it to go somewhere it won’t go, or wish it would quit doing something annoying?

I ask that because….say on Ghost Whisperer…. It drove me up a tree that on every…single…episode… when it came time for her to explain to the person what the spirit was trying to say before they went “into the light”, she’d change up the words. What?

I mean, if my dead loved one is talking to somebody, I’m going to want a play-by-play, word-for-word narrative. I want to know voice inflection and tone and everything…because well, hell, it’s kind of the last time I’m going to hear from them, right? Well, except for before they died and I thought THAT was the last time. Yanno?

If my dad says “I miss you, and your mom and I think the kids are so funny, and your husband’s new business is cool, and we always believed your writing would take off one day.”

And my medium just says, “Your dad says he’s proud of you.”

What the heck? I want the details! And that’s what she would do EVERY TIME! I wanted to jump in that TV and say, “Wait! There’s more!” Rrrrggh.

So what pet peeves do you have with TV shows?


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  1. My pet peeve is reality TV, especially any show with a Kardashian in it!

    • 🙂 I do watch some reality tv, but nothing Kardashian or Jersey Shore-ish. Can’t stand those kinds of shows where everyone yells and bickers all the time. Used to be a big Survivor fan, but I’m over it now. LOL. I love Hells Kitchen when it’s on, that’s probably my favorite reality show. Oh and Face Off… on the SyFy channel it’s an elimination show for special effects artists and it’s really cool to see what they come up with. 🙂

  2. I admittedly don’t watch a lot of TV, but my son has started watching CASTLE. As a writer, you’d think I’d like the show, but it is so ridiculous! When does the man have the time to write, and how in the world does he get to play detective when he’s not a cop?? This really bothers me! I caught my daughter and her friend watching THE BACHELOR the other day and my head nearly flew off my shoulders. There is so much wrong with that show I’m not sure where to begin…

    • LOL Christy! We actually watch ALOT of TV. It’s our entertainment, we are a big DVR family and have a spreadsheet to make sure nothing gets missed recording. LOL. And I watch both of those actually. I love Castle. Not because anything of it has any basis in reality, I just love him in the role, he’s so funny, and I love his perspective on the cases. 🙂 And Bachelor is a guilty pleasure. We all watch it mostly to make fun of it. It’s hysterical to see some of the things these people do and say.

  3. Sharla, ditto to you and Christy! Often we must suspend too much reality to watch TV and resist the urge to hurl a shoe at the screen … what the heck was that? REality TV leaves me cold … contrived plots make me mad and solving three major crimes in less than 60 minutes makes real law enforcement want to shoot a few TV writers.

    Then again, we must remind ourselves … this isn’t real … but I agree. If one of my dead relatives took the time to list all the things they wanted to tell me and someone “paraphrased” it … I’d be more than annoyed. And if they took the time to come back, why can’t I talk to them myself?

  4. My husband OWNS the TV controller, so I watch very little TV. Not that it hurts my feelings, LOL. He loves the history and discovery channels, while I’m ho-hum bored with them. So other than the sci-fi TV shows, which we both love, and the occasional movie, which are usually sci-fi too, I usually read in the evenings. Huh, considering sci-fi is about all I watch — oh, and Supernatural, which I love-love-love, you’d think I’d write sci-fi, wouldn’t you? 🙂

  5. LOL!!! I’m with you, Sharla! Drove me nuts that lady delivered the synopsis instead of the goods. I’m a detail gal…

    He said what? What was he doing when he said it? Did he look like he meant it? What he smiling? And on and on and on…. 🙂

  6. Good point! And I agree. No sugar-coating or editing, please, speak it straight.

    That’ll bother me next time I see a Ghost Whisperer rerun, I know. 😉

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