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My husband calls it my “spidey-sense”.  You know, that feeling of intuition one gets proclaiming something just isn’t as it seems; or worse, that gloom and doom are on the way.  My spidey-sense is fairly refined and pretty darn accurate.  It’s what made me an effective congressional investigator for so many years.  It’s also something my family knows not to mess with.  My kids can’t outrun it.  Believe me, they’ve tried.  My BS detector is just too well honed for them to get past.  They’ve learned to just fess up and live with the consequences.  When it comes to the doom and gloom, let’s just say my track record is pretty accurate there, too; enough so that my husband doesn’t question my predictions.  Actuality has made him–the wearer of rose-colored glasses—a firm believer in my intuition.

Does having such a strong intuitive nature make me a cynic?  I don’t think so.  I’m not Dr. Greg House from the television show, House, whose mantra is:  Everybody lies.  Everybody liesBasically, I’m just a “glass-half-full” kinda girl, who’s also a realist.  There are very few things I take at face value.  Perhaps it’s my inquisitive nature or just living through some hard knocks, but I like to know the facts.  I’ve been known to Google statements made during a church sermon.  I like to kick the tires and dig in the dirt to assure myself things are legit.

That’s why this whole Catfishing mess with Manti Te’o makes no sense to me.  How does something like this go on for sooo long?  Perhaps the better question is:  why did it happen in the first place?  What did the person perpetuating the hoax hope to gain?  Sadly, Te’o is just one of thousands of people who get swept up in these types of scenarios every day.  It’s kind of like that silly insurance commercial where the girl believes everything she reads on the Internet, including that her slovenly date is a French model.  Are people just that gullible?  I really don’t think you need an enhanced spidey-sense to fall for such nonsense, but maybe I’m wrong.

How about you?  Do you have the gift of “spidey-sense”?  Have you sniffed out a lie or a hoax?

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  1. It’s the Irish in us. We’re gifted.

  2. Te’o is gay…that is the only explanation that makes sense!! This conclusion doesn’t come from spidey sense, but common sense and saying it doesn’t make me homophobic or a gay basher. I feel bad for the kid.

  3. Sorry to say I haven’t followed this one very closely, so I don’t know that much about it. However I saw a snippet of an interview and things don’t add up.

  4. I’ve been in a cave since late fall, so I have absolutely no idea about what’s going on. Okay, maybe I need something that sends me the worldwide headlines so I can keep up. Except that’ll wreck my focus, then my WIP will be hooped. Back to the cave… 🙂

  5. Weird. Sometimes I can peg a situation on the spot, seeing through the blur of words and claims…. Other times I miss the most obvious clues, whereby my husband has to yank me out of oncoming traffic (the truth is about to run me over).

    Usually I can peg relationship stuff. But sex, drugs, lies and videotapes? Not so much. Go figure.

  6. Yes, Tracy … I have a sense of something off … like a house that might be about to fall on my head. Earlier in my life I did not listen to the warning signs, that inner voice screaming at me to run … and we pay the price for that foolishness. When I get a sense of someone or something toxic these days … I listen. And I don’t have to think of all the “should haves” later 🙂

  7. I’m definitely sensitive to the manipulation of truth, but am not typically courageous enough to call people out, especially in the moment. I’d rather just remove myself from the situation, or the relationship, if we’re talking someone whose BS meter is off the charts.

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