Happy Birthday!


Okay, technically today isn’t my birthday, but it’s coming up. This Tuesday, February 5th is actually my birthday, but I thought I’d talk about birthdays today since it’s my day to post in Women Unplugged.

As time literally zips by me with lightening speed, I see the end of the road coming up FAST and can’t recall much about the beginning of my life path. Do you ever feel like that?

The oldest memory I can bring to mind is when I was five. I was wearing a yellow, very-itchy party dress, skipping around in the front room of our home in San Leandro, California, waiting for my party guests to arrive. My long red hair was pulled back off my face in a barrette at the top of my head and I was smiling. And I was very happy. I remember nothing prior to that year.


Yeah, that’s about right. I have to skip to my teen years for easier memory recollection. I had a pretty large group of friends and was in love with Mickey Dolenz of the Monkeys. OMG, how embarrassing! My dad took me to their concert and I recall screaming and crying when they were playing. Again, OMG what a dork! Then it was the Beatles and I was swooning over them. I was a hippy, wore hip-hugger, flared jeans when I wasn’t wearing my St. Joseph’s Notre Dame uniform of blue plaid with white socks and dual-colored shoes. Now THAT was certainly dorky.

College years brought the freedom I’d been yearning for during my four years of high school. I moved out of the house and got my B.A. and Master’s degrees and life swirled ever faster until I find myself here – a writer, a blogger, amidst readers and other writers. Wow.

Am I happy where I am today? Yes, I am.

At the same time, I realize with ever-increasing clarity that I can no longer fit all the candles on my cake.



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  1. All you need is one candle, Patti! Happy early Birthday! Hope you have a great one.

  2. Hey, Patti. Nice post. I can relate so well to time swirling by. My birthday is tomorrow (Feb 2…aka Groundhogs Day), and somehow I’ve gathered up five grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren on the way to here! Happy Birtdhday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Patti! (I’ll hit you up on the 5th, too.)

    I sometimes think about it, too, and how fast a speed life prefers. My earliest memories are from about 2yo, and to consider how much has happened in my life since then is overwhelming.

    PS. I loved the Monkees!

  4. Happy early birthday, Patti! Mine is the day after yours. 🙂 I have one of those minds that stores up a lot of memories–much to the dismay of my family! But, I’ve noticed my short term memory–what did I open the fridge to get?–is pretty sketchy. Probably an age thing. Remember, age is only a number, you’re as young as you feel. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Tracy, and you ARE correct – I’m as young as I feel. And I feel pretty darn young. So, I’ll go with feeling 35 if that’s okay with everyone:)

  6. 35 is perfect, Patti. Although we get better as we get older. 🙂 I think that’s one of the things about birthdays that always amazes me. We feel much younger than our years say we should. Right now, I feel 30. 🙂 Of course, this always makes me wonder if our parents felt the same. They looked/seemed old when they were the age I’m at now, and yet they probably felt much younger than they were.

    Happy birthday to you and Tracy and Rita!!!

  7. One cake, one candle, it’s all I need. 🙂 And the first one to say otherwise receives a spanking to “GO” on!

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