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Reality TV—Stranger Than Fiction, Part 2

Okay, those of you who’ve read my blog posts over the past several years know about my love/hate relationship with reality TV.  I hate it; my family loves it.  Seriously, I don’t get the draw.  If I’m going to spend time watching television, I’d rather watch something that takes me away from real life; maybe to an estate in England, perhaps. Highclere_Castle I try to get my husband interested in the life of the Earl of Grantham, his family and the staff of Downton Abbey, but it seems he’s got gold fever.  He’s obsessed with ordinary people digging for gold in Alaska.  Not that they’re ordinary people at all.  I’m not sure I’d want to hang out with any of the ruffians on that show.  Except for maybe eighteen-year-old Parker Schnabel.  Yo, Parker, if you strike it rich, I’ve got the teenage girl for you!

The demand for reality TV hasn’t dimmed, apparently, because a friend of mine was approached to help develop a show about her son’s travel baseball team.  Teen Slugger Dads, maybe?  She hasn’t decided whether to take the gig, but the offer would be a nice pay day.  Now she just has to decide if it is lucrative enough to put her family under such scrutiny.

All this got me to thinking; would I want to subject myself to having my life exposed on reality TV?  It depends.  My daily life is pretty boring, so it couldn’t be about that.  Anyone who knows me knows that Survivor is a definite no can do.  Dancing with the Stars is out, too, just ask anyone in my step class.  amazing raceMy favorite reality show is the Amazing Race and my husband and I always joke that our children need to learn to drive a standard transmission car, just in case they ever get on the race.  Of course, if any of the roadblocks had to be done in the dark, they’d pretty much knock me out of it.  Then there are the tasks that involve eating bizarre foods. Yuck!  And bungee jumping would. Not. Happen.  So I guess that’s a no for that show, too.  Too bad.  It looks fun. From a distance.

What Not to WearOf course, if Clinton Kelly and Stacy London jump out and ambush me, I wouldn’t run.  I could always use a nice lesson in What Not to Wear.  The shopping spree on their dime wouldn’t hurt either.  My husband would definitely choose digging for gold.  Or maybe a trip with American Pickers.  Of course, he can just venture in to the garage for that one.

How about you?  Would you ever consider appearing on a reality TV show?  Which one?

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