Growing up in a tiny one stop light town, I don’t think I was fully aware that the women came into my mom’s beauty shop to change their lives. If I did, it didn’t click until years later, and by years, I really mean decades (OUCH!) Subconsciously, I saw this desire for change in myself, but it really came to light as Zora Adams, the protagonist of The Wisdom of Hair, told me her story (yes, I really do hear voices) and also when my editor asked me what exactly “the wisdom of hair” was. By the grace of God, and with a few “uhs” and “you knows,” the words just spilled out. WOMEN CHANGE THIER HAIR TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

The release date of THE WISDOM OF HAIR is just 8 days away. It’s a book about women, for women, and men if they’ll keep the smirking and eye rolling to a minimum. It’s about the magic of knowingly or unknowingly changing your hair, or, as we like to say down south, “fixing” your hair to fix your life. AND the amazing hair warriors who answer the call everyday to make life beautiful for their caped clients.

Attractive girl with scissors

Seriously, is there anybody who makes you feel the way your stylist does? Is there anybody who listens, loves, and makes you feel as fabulous as you look? NO THERE IS NOT! Now, the next time you hair warrior unsnaps that cape and gives your hair that last little nudge towards drop dead gorgeous, throw your arms around their neck and thank them because whether you know it or not, they’ve changed your life for the better!

The wisdom of hair is infinite! Pass it on.


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  1. Oh, you are so spot on, Kim. Carl has cut my hair for more than twenty-five years (ouch is right!) and every time I walk out of the door I feel like a changed woman. My family kids me that “Barbie’s come home!” but I don’t look like Barbie though my hair is highlighted blonde. Carl has made me happy every time I go to see him. Thank you Carl!

  2. I know I don’t have to remind you to hug Carl’s neck!

  3. Congratulations on your book release, Kim! Can’t wait to read it!

    I totally agree that a hair stylist can radically change your life–for better or for worse. I’m pretty loyal to mine and although I don’t often change my hair, just knowing they have that power gives them influence over me.

    As I learned long ago while cutting my Farrah Fawcett head’s hair, I’m not qualified to do more with scissors than wrap a package.

  4. Loved reading this and looking forward to your book.

  5. this is such a coincidence..I was recently talking about this with my hair stylist..about how we sit on that chair and start spilling our guts not taking into consideration how THEY might be feeling or what THEY might be going through, we just start talking… when I was about to pay we joked: with or without therapy? I,ve been thinking about this for a while now!! Thank you for this post, Alexandra

  6. Congrats!

    I can’t relate. I cut my own hair! 🙂

  7. I love to listen to all the conversations going on around me when I’m getting my hair “fixed”. The stories those salon walls could tell!

    Congratulations, Kim! I can’t wait to see it on the bookshelves next week. 🙂

  8. Eight days, OMG, that means as of today, there’s only 6 days till your book is out. I’m so excited for you, Kim!

    I love my hairdresser. Usually by the time I get there, I’m feeling straggly and worn. But when I come out, I can tackle the world again. 🙂

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