The other day my daughter and I were talking about an eccentric couple who live down the street. Why eccentric? Well, when we moved in here in 1990 their names were Bob and Sandy X (names changed for the sake of anonymity). They were always very talkative and kind and wore great costumes at Halloween that scared the kids to death and they handed out great candy. I’ve been inside their house and it is something out of House Beautiful.

Several years later they changed their names to Rick and Barbara X+1. Now I don’t really think it’s that odd to change your first name. One of my sisters wanted to change her name. She hated it and I guess the legalities aren’t that difficult to follow in order to make it happen. However I’d never known anyone to change their last name. I didn’t know it was legal and have always wondered why they did it. I imagine I could ask them but I’m not a Nosy Parker and don’t want to start now. Plus, does it matter? I think not.


So my daughter said to me she thought they were weird. I asked her why. She told me because they invited her to go with them to the zoo when she was little and they had no children. I explained to her that I didn’t allow them to take her to the zoo because I’m overprotective and didn’t know them well enough, but I thought it was a kind gesture because they didn’t have children and wanted to do something neighborly and fun with her.

My daughter’s response was, “Plus they’re cat people”. I asked her what she meant by that. She couldn’t really explain.


I know what it means to be a “dog person” because I am one. But does being one or the other carry with it some sort of connotation I’m missing?



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  1. Lol. I think not. I’m a cat person and most people tell me I’m not weird (at least most of the time)!

  2. Interesting, I’m curious too. I have no idea how a cat person would be different than a dog person. Maybe more touchy-feely?

  3. Well Patti, since I don’t have any four-legged companions with me right now, I can be forthcoming. I am both kinds … love them both … dogs and cats. Different and unique … each in their own way. I do think that some consider themselves either a dog or a cat person,but since I’ve had both and both at the same time, I’ve come to know that since they like each other (our cat always made her bed on the dog’s rump) and missed each other if the other one wasn’t around … I think it’s easy to love them both equally. I think you are truly a cat person as well, since you are an animal lover 🙂 We had two cats, a dog, a parakeet and fish … my sister-in-law bought my son an aunt farm and told me that ginney pigs were fun. Me? I think it’s fun to play with other people’s kids and pets :):)

  4. I am faced with this question daily, because I am a dog person, a dog person, a dog person, but we have only a cat right now, and it is so unnatural for me. I just can’t wrap my head around being a cat owner. She’s great, but there’s a disconnect. And I don’t wanna be a cat person!

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