DEER BE DAMNED! Now available in a spray :-)

SAM_0164Pardon me while I write a little rant about Bambi and his family who has twins 85% of the time and NO natural predators (there are NOT enough coyotes) to keep them out of my flowers. I KNOW you’re convinced this winter will NEVER end, but it will soon and Bambi and his obnoxious family will be lining up at your landscaping like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And here’s another news flash, sure my bio says I have 126 rose bushes, but that was three years and many trips to Witherspoon Roses ago, still that doesn’t give deer the right to chow down on the roses or the rubeckia that is trying desperately to surface, which BTW is supposed to be DEER PROOF. Or the hibiscus we wintered and stick outside on the garage on sunny warmish days, which seems to have  invisible EAT ME signs growing off it’s spindly branches. If Bambi and his brood are THIS hungry in March, when the hydrangeas and azaleas come along, they won’t stand a chance!

YOU TOO may have this problem, and since this blog is about food and writing, I’m going to share my special recipe to keep the deer away. THIS REALLY WORKS and depending on the amount of rain, lasts for about a month. But you have to watch you plants for nibbles, which means it’s time to re treat. Best of all, it doesn’t smell like dead people like some of the stuff you pay a fortune for at the garden center.

Now, if you have a deer problem, I know you’ve probably been advised by well-meaning souls to put out hair clippings or send your husband outside to mark his territory around your flower bed (which no matter how old they are, men really seem to enjoy,) but I can tell you from experience that doesn’t work. The only thing in ten years that has kept the deer nation out of my roses consistently is Deer Be Damned!

PS   While this IS a miracle worker, I do NOT have a recipe for warmer weather, but I WISH I did. Here’s hoping spring is right around the corner! HAPPY GROWING!


18 eggs Leave them out of the fridge for several days.

1 gallon of buttermilk. Leave it out of the fridge until it separates and the water is on top.

3 bottles of habanero sauce The cheap stuff in the Hispanic section (costs <$2)

Spreader Sticker or dish soap.

In a bucket with a lid, strain the pepper sauce. I pour the WATER only from the buttermilk through the strainer to make it go faster. You can also add water to the strainer until the particles that WILL clog your sprayer are separated out. Add the eggs and blend with a hand held blender or mixture. If you’re spraying roses and you use a different pepper sauce, MAKE SURE it doesn’t have any oil in it because it will discolor the foliage a little.

Put about 1/3 of the mixture in a 2 gallon sprayer with 1/4 t. of Spreader Sticker of some dish soap and fill with water and spray in the evening or morning when it has time to dry. ENJOY your flowers!


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  1. Thanks, Kim. I’ll pass this along to my mother-in-law who has about as many rose bushes as you do and a herd of pesky deer.

  2. Christy Hayes

    Or you could get a dog or two. Mine bark when they get scared, see a leaf, hear a bird, a blade of grass moves… You get the point. This post proves once again I’m too lazy to have a garden, but I sure enjoy looking at yours.

  3. Thanks Christy. We have three, two labs and a Jack Russell Terrorist. Deer are just sneaky. They hit you at night or when you’re away with said dogs.

  4. How does “aged” buttermilk and eggs NOT smell like dead people?

    We don’t have any deer, but I have poor soil, lots of trees and a bad case of lazyitis. I gave away all my roses, but looking at your photo makes me think I could manage to care for a Rio Samba or two.

  5. And why isn’t my picture showing up with my wordpress account?

  6. Those are beautiful flowers in that picture! Amazing colors.

  7. I have an heirloom daisy from my grandma, Kim, and the rabbits keep eating it to the ground, poor thing. The deer never stick around long enough to eat much of anything, thank goodness.

  8. It might work on rabbits, I’ve never tried it 🙂

  9. I recently heard that deers do NOT like iris. Maybe you could plant a pretty border of them around your roses. Just a thought!

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