A Dream Space

My daughters and I live in a small apartment. While at times it seems we’re filling its square footage a little too well, it’s a pretty good fit for our current life, and we’ve done a good job making it a cozy home.

But I do dream ahead to the home of our future. My list of must-haves is basic: A garage for my car and our bikes and storage, a washer and dryer (we don’t have in-unit hook-ups, and the ability to do laundry on a moment’s notice is so sorely missed), a bedroom for each of my girls, who currently share, enough yard to stretch out, and the freedom to customize, make it our own the way you can’t in rentals.

dream room

My home style is soft and vintage-y, like what oozes out of this photo. I could just stare and stare at it, sure I’d find more adorable details. What I love most are the colorful quilt, that brown flower pillow, the contrast of soft bedding with that awesome rustic bed frame and faux nook, and the pops of fresh greenery. Ooh! And I just spotted the mercury glass jars hanging from the ceiling. I LOVE mercury glass. Sign me up for a recreation of this bedroom in a few years. A dream space, for sure. (Pun intended.)

What’s your decorating style?

What plans do you have for your home? Anything you’d change if you could, or do differently next time?

[photo from Different Solutions on Facebook]


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  1. Very cool picture, Janna. We put in an addition to our 1910 Craftsman home several years back and now we have more space for the four of us. We added a deck and stamped concrete and my husband recreated our front porch to its original form. So, I think we’re good to go for now. I love it.

  2. I finally had the chance after owning my home for 8+years to make it into our style which I’m not really sure if it fits into a current trend or is just a mish mash of several styles, my hsband and I have learned to take home decorating slowly because it can’t be done often and trends come and go… A priceless tool for me was pinterest…ooooh that’s where my dream home began and I did achieve many of the ideas from all my inspiration images… I recommend it! 🙂 keep up the dreaming and start the PINNING read you soon, Alexandra

    • That’s a good point, Alexandra. Classic and timeless pieces are good, they’ll stand through all the trends!

      Oh, Pinterest. I held off a long time, and finally got an account a few weeks ago. I was driven by the need for new and kid-friendly recipes, but so far I’ve hardly spent much time there… I think I’m trying to avoid the inevitable as long as possible!

      • the inevitable being getting hooked?! jajajaaaa… I do enjoy pinterest a lot but have avoided getting hooked due to the lack of time… opening up an account is a good first step! Of course, now that i thinkabout it, I was living in Mexico City then and did not have access to many US magazines (and the ones i saw were too expensive) so pinterest was the next best thing and following blogs and sites from designers I like… the thing is to have a collection of inspiration images to work with while the project gets on its way 🙂

  3. We are about to redo our master bath which has somehow morphed into repainting the whole house which will somehow morph into changing the style and feel of the entire place. It makes my head spin to do home improvement, mostly because it takes time away from writing. I’m sure I’ll be happy when it’s over, but while I’m on the brink it’s not something I’m looking forward to. I’m lucky I have a home and have the opportunity to make changes. I really like your style, Janna!

    • Ugh, bathrooms and kitchens are the worst. My ex and I did a whole-house remodel in one of our homes, and while the end results were nice, I wasn’t fond of the process. (Painting is at the bottom of my list, but I do like things that require hand tools.) I feel for you!

  4. I confess, I’m not much of a decorator. I’d love a gorgeously decorated home, but don’t have the eye to do it. All of our walls are painted the same color and we pretty much stick with brown and beige for color. We love wood, so have lots of oak in our furnishing, trim, etc. My decorating skills are mostly in the flower gardens, where I love lots of color … and if a plant doesn’t suit or work out, I can easily move it somewhere else or discard it.

    I’m getting addicted to the DIY network though. 🙂

    • I envy that, Sheila, the gardens and floral escapes. My thumb is anything but green, but I’d love to have a backyard retreat. I know it’ll come down to someone else’s work in the future.

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