While Charleston was voted the number one tourist destination in the WORLD by Conde Nast Magazine last year, there is more to see beyond the Holy City. We have a house on the Isle of Palms and today is the last day we’ll be here because the renters will have it all summer. There are SO many wonderful places to eat and things to see without crossing the Cooper river, I thought I’d give you a little taste.


Just across the connecter from the Isle of Palms is Old Mt. Pleasant. Now, this Lowcountry town has nomountains and is about as flat as you can get, but it is aptly named for it’s fine shops, restaurants andhomes that are every bit as charming as the Battery mansions. One of the more colorful establishments isThe Wando Fish Company, which is right on the docks of Shem Creek. They sell the freshest fish, shrimpand crabs around and they also have my FAVORITE sign in the whole world pictured here with the niceman who tried to give me a orange tabby  with the four pounds of shrimp I bought for dinner.





Next door to The Wando Fish Company is The Wreck. Now the Wreck doesn’t look like much and it’s hardas hell to find, even with a GPS, they have some of the best and freshest seafood you will ever put in your mouth. But don’t go there expecting something fancy because the place has paper table cloths and the food is served on paper plates. However it’s been written up in every foodie magazine from Bon Appetit to Southern Living for it’s tasty seafood. My favorite part of the menu, other than the Charleston red rice, and jalapeno grit cake that comes with every meal, is the London Broil. Not because I’ve actually ordered it, I love the way it’s listed in the menu. LONDON BROIL- We  are a seafood establishment and we do not claim any expertise in the cooking of beef. If you order it, it’s yours.

When you pull up in the Wreck’s parking lot, even after you’re having a hard time find a parking place because the place is packed with locals and lucky tourists who’ve found the joint, you’ll wonder if this is the right place because there’s no sign. Just a red welcoming door on a shack that looks like it’s falling down, but it’s not. Get out of your car.  The view of the creek  and the Cooper River bridge is beautiful, and the food is spectacular. You won’t be disappointed.

The Lowcountry is as good as it gets. Y’all come!


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  1. Hope to get there in July! We’ll definitely be on the lookout for the Wreck. It sounds like my family’s kind of place. Thanks, Kim!

  2. I wish I’d known this, Kim, last week when my mom, sister, and I went to Charleston for the weekend. I love a good adventure and would have enjoyed searching for the elusive red door!

  3. One place I have never been but sure putting it on my list of places for a sister trip. Love seafood and reading your blog makes me hungry.

  4. What a lovely review, Kim. I love the red door and no restaurant sign! That’s really neat. And the title of your blog was so intriguing, many will come to read this just because of the title.

  5. This sounds like the perfect vacation spot, Kim, especially since it’s snowing in my part of the world again. 🙂

  6. I would SO love to visit the area. Great reviews!

  7. Sounds like some interesting places to visit 🙂

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