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My Writerly Story

All the writer gals here at Women Unplugged are represented by a literary agent and/or have one or more novels published. Except me. I fall into neither category.

Talk about feeling like a peon.

It’s been a goal of mine—securing agent representation and book publication—and I’ve come close. Four or five years ago a New England publisher considered the full manuscript for my first novel, kind of a wholesomely-approached women’s fiction premise, but the final decision was that certain aspects weren’t the right fit for their overall brand. (wholesome: good — stalker element: not good)


writer’s own photo

In the years following, my then-blog and writing caught the attention of an agent, and she requested the manuscript for my second novel, also women’s fiction. For both creative and personal reasons, though, the potential faded before I could really even grasp it firmly.

Writing fiction since about that time has been a near-impossible task for me. It’s a mental thing, after life-changing events like my dad’s passing, which devastated us, and my divorce.

Some writers come alive during emotional struggle, finding escape and the creative process cathartic. They flourish and write their best works. Not me. My reality the past few years has been too heavy. I haven’t been able to pull from under it and redirect myself to fiction. But it’s a discipline thing, too. At this point I’m out of practice, and unable to implement a new system for writing. Where would I start?

I’m also a single mom who works full time—which means the craft of writing fiction, while still something I love and dream of excelling at, does not make my list of priorities. It makes me sad, that fact, but it’s true for this stage of my life.

And yet, my creative career has not floundered. In fact it’s grown quite a bit, just down a different avenue.

Here’s where I shamelessly plug my new website (now linked in both the left and right sidebars here on WU, through my photo and name respectively), which represents what I do these days, in lieu of writing fiction.

I hope you’ll check it out and bookmark me, and consider calling on me to handle your creative projects.

That is until I get back to writing fiction…

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