A Whirlwind Week

exhaustipatedThis is how my week has been.  To say it’s been crazy would be an understatement.  But, it’s also been crazy fun!  May is always very hectic in the Solheim house with both the Slumlord and the Prodigal Son celebrating birthdays.  Add in all the end of school year-wallet-draining-events, Mother’s Day and graduations and I always end up at Memorial Day wondering where the month went.  Of course, sandwiched right in the middle of all of those was the release of my debut novel.  Which means the last five days have been one BIG party. 🙂

This is how it started:IMG_9299Yep, those are forks, flamingos and flags in my yard along with a few witty tombstones.  My fun-loving neighbor (who has yet to turn the big 5-0 and who’d better be on guard) decorated it in honor of hubby’s big day.  Of course, his birthday got a little overshadowed by other events, but he says he doesn’t care.  He’s getting a nice beach trip in June when things have settled down.  I can’t wait for it myself. 🙂  Although, he hasn’t mentioned if he’s taking me…hmmm.  I’d better check on that.

Then came Tuesday:  Release DayBarnes and NobleThe big day was spent with friends hunting out my book in local bookstores, enjoying a little lunch and then partying on my deck.  My college roommates were in from out of town and it felt a little like a wedding.  At least we ate and drank like we were at one!


IMG_9213On Wednesday, I was off to a book signing.  Not only was it fun to meet folks eager to read the book, but we raised money in honor of a bright young man no longer with us.  Thursday was airport taxi day and another impromptu book signing.  Friday, it’s off to the first graduation of the season.  At 9:30 am.  Two hours from home.  That’s how much I adore this beautiful young woman.  Later that night, we’ll celebrate the amazingly talented high school students in the fine arts.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day on Sunday. I really need some rest. 🙂 Everyone will be home and under one roof again–at least for five days–before the whirlwind starts again on Monday.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!  I hope it’s relaxing. 🙂


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  1. Great to see you at the chat! Hope you have a safe journey, get lots of wonderful pictures at the graduation and that your book release goes well. It must be so exhilarating to walk into a bookstore and see something you wrote on the shelves!!! Congrats!

  2. Christy Hayes

    So excited for you, Tracy, and so thrilled to be able to help you celebrate! You deserve all the hoopla!

  3. That is SO cool about your book release, Tracy. Congratulations on that and all the accomplishments in your family.
    And Happy Mom’s Day!

  4. I feel ya Tracy! Crazy crazy week here too, and next week is a band banquet and the next week is my son’s birthday and awards ceremony for my daughter. Next week is the senior banquet and graduation.

    Graduation. I’m happy and sad at the same time!

    Sunday will be crazy with family this weekend but Saturday is actually…..nothing. I’m so friggin excited about that. LOL!

    Everyone have a wonderful Mothers Day! And Tracy it was great to see you at the chat last night! I had computer blips and when I came back in you were gone. 🙂

  5. For the last few days, I’ve been chilling in the Rocky Mountains, Tracy, and while I was there, I was thrilled to see GAME ON downloaded to my Kindle. Whoot! Congratulations on your release and enjoy your relaxing Mother’s day! 🙂

  6. Janna Qualman

    You are well-deserving of that beach trip! Congratulations, and well done with getting through everything this month. 🙂

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