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Memorial Day Thoughts

On this Memorial Day, I thought about what this day means, what it means to my family and friends.

For me, it’s about the American way of life. It’s the day we celebrate the lives of those we lost, share memories of our friends and family members who have gone before us, fought for our rights and gave their lives doing so. It’s a simple day with a simple message. Thank you. Gratitude. Appreciation for all we have.

American Flag

And I’m not talking material possessions. I’m talking about freedom. Far too often I see people who take our personal freedom for granted. While I understand it’s hard for some to understand exactly how valuable a commodity it is when they’ve never been without it, I feel it puts those very┬ásame freedoms in jeopardy. Will they not realize what they had until they lose it?

Maybe. But as I look around the world today, our country, our government, I don’t think it will long be before the realization hits home.

If we give up our freedoms, eventually we will end up living under tyranny.

“Oh, that won’t happen here. This is America.”

Yes, this is America. And we are human.


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