Mama Needs a New Ride

Really, I do.  For the past seventeen years, I’ve been navigating suburbia in the quintessential ride of soccer mom’s everywhere:  the stylish minivan.  Yep.  Seventeen. Years.  Not all in the same minivan, mind you.  I upgraded nine years ago to the then-Rolls Royce of minivans, the Chrysler Town and Country Limited Edition.  Complete with on-board entertainment, heated leather seats, a moon roof and five doors that open automatically with the touch of the key fob.  (Those automatic doors were a must-have after driving preschool carpool for two years.)

Town and CountryI’m going to go on record here and say I love my minivan.  I really do.  It’s just that I’ve reached middle age and, well, I want something a little snazzier. My kids can drive themselves now and they’d much prefer to drive anywhere without me.  Unless it’s to the mall.  Then they are happy to have my credit cards—I mean me—accompany them.

Unfortunately, my minivan hasn’t outlived its usefulness.  Did you know an entire dorm room of crap can fit into that vehicle if you take the seats out?  It’s also the perfect changing station at a horse show, not to mention it can fit all the tack and my daughter’s trunk on board.  And then there’s tailgating.  What’s not to love about the on-board table?  All are important things to consider when deciding whether to purchase new wheels.

Worse, I can’t find a car that I want.  My minivan has become as comfortable as the worn, leather recliner in my family room and I loathe parting with either.  Sure, a convertible would be nice, but I’d only hate myself in ten years when I’m battling skin cancer.  The purr of a German engine is enticing, but do I really want to waste all that gasoline?

barn momSo, I’ll spend another summer with my ride doubling as a mini-barn (yes, there’s an ‘n’ on the end of that word!) until I can decide what I want.   It’s actually a good thing, too, because I’m about to spend all my car money for horse power of a different kind.


Meet Tessa, my daughter’s new ride.  Yep, I’m a sucker.  But her show name is Game On, so Mama wins either way.

So what are you driving?

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  1. Christy Hayes

    I had a mini-van for a year and loved it for all the reasons you love yours. I look much cooler these days in my gas guzzling SUV, but nothing beats the practicality of a MV.

    To be honest, Tracy, there’s nothing wrong with your mini-van except that ugly orange T on the front…

  2. Tracy, I’d keep the minivan too if I had a choice between a “ride” or an equine “ride”. We spent a good chunk of our money on my Maximus instead of a car but he’s worth it.

  3. Janna Qualman

    Game On, love it! And what a sweetie.

    I feel you. A couple months ago I got myself a “new” car, one that is four years old but crazy-nice, and one for which I got a super deal. It was long overdue, after years of unreliable cars (more a reflection on my ex than on me). I love it — and the fact that I did it myself!

    If you’re patient, the just-right car will come to you. Exciting!

    • I hear you, Janna! My minivan still runs well and it’s useful. While a part of me is ready for something new, a think a part of me doesn’t want to give up my past.

  4. Tracy, you’ve made a wise decision to keep your mini-van. It sounds like the perfect vehicle for you. If you bought that snazzy convertible, nothing would fit in there and then you’d have to buy a mini-van for a second vehicle! 🙂

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