Many things happened to my family in 2006: my mother-in-law passed away, I discovered I had breast cancer, and my 30-year-old nephew was killed in a  motorcycle accident. I try to pretend that year just didn’t happen. I don’t like the memories. I believe I experienced some sort of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I was anxious and depressed and every day was a struggle along with physically feeling like a pile of…well, you get my drift.

Then I found Lucinda Bassett. While listening to her cd’s, filling out questionnaires on anxiety and depression, and practicing meditation I slowly but surely came out of my fog. One of her statements was, “Don’t even bother taking this course if you don’t first do two things: stop drinking caffeine and start exercising.

Following her (I won’t call them suggestions) demands, my life hasn’t been the same since 2008/2009. It worked. I ride my bicycle almost every day, do yoga, and still listen to the mediation cd several times a week.

I did this all for myself, as well as my family.

Do you have a particular way of dealing with stress and/or depression and/or bad times?

I’d like to know.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Patti. Yes, I’ve dealt with the low-down-dirty-blues and one perfect solution is exercise. It gets endorphins pumping into your system. If we are truly wise, we try to do something outdoors to also build up melatonine and if we are blessed, we can workout near a body of water or mountains and get electro-lights poured into the brain. In Yoga we learn it is NOT mind over matter … but rather … mind IS matter. When we stretch and make it strong we have a better chance of fighting off the down-lows.

    It is sad that we often need to face a life crisis to understand how important movement is for our mind. Sorry for your losses and your battle … yet now you are armed with the best defense … a stronger you 🙂

  2. I need near daily exercise to function closer to optimum. Walking is my favorite form of meditation.

    But I don’t understand why people hate on caffeine. I quit drinking diet soft drinks. With caffeine for lent and I didn’t feel better or worse after 40 days. I didn’t lose weight from the lowered sodium intake either.

    • I don’t think caffeine is a “bad” thing at all. It’s just for ME, someone with anxiety, it tends me make me feel more anxious and sort of weird SO I drink decaf lattes from Starbucks. I love the taste and they’ve found many good things about drinking caffeine in “normal” amounts. So I did not mean to “dis” caffeine for anyone but me.

  3. Janna Qualman

    I’m so sorry, Patti. That sounds much like my 2010/2011. Incredibly tough couple of years.

    I’m thankful you found what helped you, and that you’ve been able to maintain it. I have trouble maintaining physical things, like exercise and diet, but my strength and healing comes with introspection and working on self. If that makes sense? But too, sometimes I DO have to get out for a long, solo walk or pull out a yoga DVD, or will cut back on caffeine, because one or both helps when things are particularly discouraging.

  4. No wonder you want to forget 2006, Patti. It seems like bad things really do happen in 3’s and when we’re down, life always has to give us one more kick, just to make sure we hit bottom.

    I’m a naturally happy person, so generally a little extra sleep or relaxation gets me out of those normal downs we experience. But I’ve had years where I’ve dealt with one blow after another and it’s tough to get through it. Early in my adult life, I learned perseverance, so I think I rely on that more than anything else. I just keep pushing through, forcing myself out of bed in the morning when I’d rather bury my head under the covers and hide, that sort of thing. 🙂 But I’ve also used exercise and diet to recenter myself, and while I love meditation, I confess I only use it when I’m desperate to quiet my brain.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and stay healthy and happy!

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