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Celebrate Good Times


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Yesterday we celebrated my younger daughter’s 8th birthday. There was cake and singing, presents, a little family, a casual playdate, and one happy little girl.

In a few weeks we’ll be celebrating summer—and the near return of school—with a long weekend away. We’re going to visit a family place that evokes fun and relaxation in the heat of summer and the cool of nostalgia.

Every day, whether I take a conscious moment to or not—sometimes it’s just a pulling undercurrent—I celebrate my having successfully started a new, better life after divorce, finding independence and finding me, inner peace and clarity, gratitude, potential, happiness in the now (even when some days are tough) and faith in the future. It’s kind of a big deal.

There are “big deals” all around, you know. Ways to find or make joy and give thanks, if we’re prepared to recognize them.

So, give this a moment’s thought. What makes you joyful and fills you with appreciation?

Will you share with us what it is you’d like to celebrate today? Big or small, let’s DO IT together!

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