Branding is becoming an elusive concept for me. Originally, I thought I had it nailed. Romantic women’s fiction…women’s issues…women mature and develop in their own sweet time —

I got it! Cross-market with my garden blog using the tag line: “A woman will bloom in time; her own sweet time!”

Great. Marketing my novels with gardening items and themes, I was traveling down the right road–until I hit a road block. What happens when you decide to write something other than romantic women’s fiction? Say you want to write mystery/suspense? Sure, you have women and romance, but the themes and plots of the novels aren’t particularly issue-oriented. woman pulling hair out_XSmallRuh-roh.

Now what? Am I confusing readers? Should I have changed my name with each new genre? What happens when I want to dabble in YA? A new genre, a new name? Should I curtail my imagination and go with one genre and end the confusion?

That’s a tough one. I can’t turn off my imagination. I can’t curb my passion. Writing wouldn’t be any fun if I couldn’t write what strikes my fancy. But I’m at a loss for direction. I’m considering a new website, but have no idea where to begin. Any suggestions? Ideas?

Going crazy in a swirl of marketing mania… 



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  1. Dianne, I think you are on the IRInk link. I’m sure there are some conversations on there where this was discussed. I think you’d be smart to keep everything together. Your readers like your voice and that carries through to other genres. Congrats on spreading your wings!

  2. Good questions, Dianne, and something I’ve been contemplating myself. From a writerly standpoint, I want to write in a couple of different genres. From a reading standpoint, since the invention of ereaders, I find my reading tastes have expanded and I believe it’s because I’ve been exposed to a wider variety of books than I ever found at the local bookstore. So I think you’ll probably see more overlap between readers who want your romantic women’s fiction and readers who want your mysteries and other genres that you write in.

  3. Thanks for the positive words! I’m both writer and reader and I agree–if I like an author, I usually like all their stuff! 🙂

  4. An author I like recently mentioned online that she writes in other genres under a different pen name. Problem is, she didn’t say what that pen name is. If she had, I’d have gone out and bought up all her other books. The only reason to have different pen names is for erotic vs. non-erotic (or YA vs. adult .content). Otherwise, you do yourself and your readers a disservice by using different pen names for different genres.

  5. I have no advice, but I feel confident you’ll find your way. The new path will become clear!

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