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I’ve just released my new contemporary romance, Always Remember, and this is what one reader posted on my Facebook page: “Just reading Always Remember. It is GREAT! Read 21 chapters before I had to put it down. Love those kinds of stories. Great job! Looking forward to the next one.”

And a few hours later, the same reader posted this: “Done! Haven’t read a book that fast in forever. What a terrific book!”

To say I’m a little overjoyed at the response would be putting it mildly. 🙂

Always Remember is a story near and dear to my heart. If you’ve visited my website or received the latest copy of my newsletter, then you’re probably aware that this tale was inspired by a true life story.

You see, before my parents were married, they had a baby and gave her up for adoption. Years later, after her adoptive parents passed on, she made an attempt to contact her birth parents. She hoped to track down her mom or her dad, but never in a million-zillion years did she expect to find them married to each other, with four other children who quickly enveloped her into the family.

While this isn’t my parents’ or sister’s story, Always Remember captures the pain and heartbreak I saw that summer, as well as the joy and happiness of a family reunited.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Always Remember, and laugh and cry along with my characters. If you enjoy it, please recommend it to your family and friends.

Always Remember by Sheila SeabrookAlways Remember … I’ll never forget.

Story Synopsis:

A midnight summons from rancher Nate Coltrane brings singer Jessie Adams back to the heart of the Rocky Mountains — not to see him again, but to say goodbye to her dying mother. Seventeen years ago, Jessie gave up Nate’s child for adoption and she hasn’t been home since. How can she sit by her mother’s side, surrounded by constant reminders of all she loved and lost? How can she face Nate without telling him the truth about the child he never knew existed?

Nate doesn’t think Jessie has the guts to return home and face him, but when she does, he’s afraid of losing everything he loves…for the second time in his life. But he’s made a promise to her mother. Bring Jessie home. Give the dying woman one last opportunity to heal the rift with her daughter. Nate will do anything for Jessie’s mother because if not for her, he might never have known the love of his child.

But sometimes the truth turns out to be a lie…

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Print book available at: Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, iBooks

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  1. Can’t wait to read this book, Sheila!

  2. Congratulations, Sheila, on your release. As soon as I pick up my Kindle again (I’m actually reading a print book this week!) I’m going to buy your book. I love your real-life tale behind the story.

  3. When a book imperatively requires the reader to experience a shift in understanding of life’s trajectory for children who are orphaned, fostered and adopted by altering the public consciousness, the topic resonates globally, and makes for a lively discussion.

    • So very true, Judith. I hope Always Remember is not only entertaining, but that it gives a true picture of the emotions of people who are in this situation. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. How fantastic! To have your book received so wonderfully is a blessing. I think it sounds great and I’ll buy it today! So happy for your success. As a fellow author, I can imagine how wonderful you must be feeling.

  5. I’m so thrilled this is available. I remember reading the blurb and thinking I had to get a copy as soon as it came out. I’m headed to my kindle now, Sheila… Congrats!

  6. Fantastic, Sheila! Congratulations.

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