Daily Archives: August 30, 2013

Summer’s Over


We just returned from our summer vacation at the Russian River. High school started on Monday. Another summer has zoomed by at warp speed. My son began his second year at junior college and my daughter is now a sophomore in high school.





I was talking with my sister the other day about how time goes by faster as we age. I don’t understand why and am on a mission to research the logic behind this. I can hardly recall what happened when my kids were toddlers and I’m not so old that I have early onset dementia. I think the only way to jog my memory would be to break out my photo albums (yes, I diligently made up photo albums from their birth to the present and have about 20 of them). Without a picture it’s impossible for me to recall what they looked like at two and three years old and/or how they acted.

I wish I could have a mental video of their youth but I guess I’ll have to watch the dvd’s for that as well.

What did you do for summer vacation? Do you take pictures and/or videos?



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