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I’m out today. No work at the office, no duties at home.

But I haven’t really gone fishing… I’ve gone on a field trip with Littlest!

We’ll be learning about agriculture and visiting a petting zoo, then going to a Kansas City rodeo. We’ll eat sack lunches and wear nametags, hold hands so as not to get lost from one another, talk excitedly, listen carefully, and have a grand ol’ elementary-school-day time.

I love to go on field trips with my girls. It’s fulfilling to experience the special day with them, be around their friends, people-watching, making memories. I’m fortunate to be able to tag along.

Have you been a school chaperone before? What sorts of field trips have you attended, or school events have you overseen? What’s most memorable?

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  1. My days of going on field trips is over and has segued into tennis matches and badminton. I love rooting for my kids and sharing in their activities. I’ll always cherish all the basketball games (100’s?) that we went to for my son. I have pictures and videos in case I forget.

  2. I’m jealous, Janna! I miss those field trips where my kids enjoyed having me there with them and, not only was I allowed to acknowledge them, but hold their hands, too! This time of year, I always miss the trip to the pumpkin patch, Riding in the wagon filled with hay, one of my children and a classmate or two snuggled in my lap. We’ve been to the zoo, plays at the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian and even Papa Johns to make pizza! So much fun and so many memories.

    Today, I chaperone the marching band to their games. While I enjoy it, it’s not the same. I might get a “hi, mom” if I’m lucky, but that’s usually from one of the other kids!

    Enjoy your day, Janna!!!

  3. Ah, the good old days! So glad you are able to soak up the love and warmth of your kids when these special days roll around. It was always an interesting peek at my kids around their friends. Have a great day!

  4. I miss going on those field trips, too. They were always so much fun and my boys always felt special when I attended one of these special events. Enjoy yourself, Janna!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I’m glad you all related. I’ll treasure the field trips I have left, that’s for sure.

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