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A New Halloween


As I’m writing this post it’s 2:30 in the afternoon on Halloween, and I’m truly depressed. Tonight will be the first time in 19 years that my husband and I won’t be trick-or-treating with one of our kids. I could cry. Or, better yet, I’ll cry later so I don’t get the keyboard wet!

Our son is 19 years old and I recall he was 9 months old on his first Halloween. Money was tight and I sewed his first outfit. He was a ghost. I took an old sheet and ironed on various goblins and ghosts and pumpkins, cut a hole in the top for his head, and voila’ – his first costume. ¬†Four years later his sister came along and I think by then we’d graduated to buying their costumes at Party Warehouse.

When my son turned 15 he started walking around with his “bros” on Halloween but we still had our daughter. We’d walk around with another couple whose daughter was our daughter’s best friend. We always had a good time talking and laughing. By the time we got home it was always too late to hand out candy.

This year we’ll have plenty of time to hand out treats but I’m not in the mood to see other little kids in their costumes at my door. My daughter will be going to a party with her friends around the corner and my husband and I will be home alone.

I’m going to walk around (with or without the hubby) so I can see all the kids and the crazily decorated houses. If I don’t leave the house I know I’ll succumb to tears.

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