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I recently discovered nail polish. Now, you’d think a woman of my age would have discovered this beauty enhancement long ago, but it never really appealed to me. Then, for my birthday last month, I got my first-ever manicure.

I couldn’t decide on a color, so I got a rainbow. When I was a girl, this wasn’t an option. Nail polish came in shades of red, pink, and peach. If you wanted to be radical, you could go with a hint of lavender. But blue, green, yellow? Those shades were almost unheard of.

NailsWhile I liked the whimsy of my rainbow nails, I wasn’t 100% happy with them. The yellow was too light, and the green wasn’t to my taste. But I did like having a different color on each nail. So when my manicure was beyond repair, I redid my nails in a modified rainbow. I’m still not crazy about this color combination (my husband says it looks like M&Ms), but I’m going to keep experimenting. The fact is, I just love looking at that burst of color all day long.

Writers suffer from a sort of sensory deprivation—we spend a lot of time in our heads, and the main focus of our attention is the computer screen. It’s very much a black-and-white world. Introducing color, sound, or scent into my workspace lifts my spirits and grounds me to my surroundings. I keep a pack of gum at my desk as a peppermint pick-me-up. And of course, a cup of coffee. Writers love coffee.

The careful, studious girl I used to be would never have worn rainbow nail polish. It’s liberating—a statement that I am an artist. That maybe I don’t mind if I stand out a little in a crowd. That I’m unique, and I have a voice.

So maybe whimsical nail polish will become part of my author image. At this point, it’s too soon to tell. I’m a work in progress. And I hope I never stop experimenting.

What do you do to avoid sensory deprivation when you’re working on the computer?



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Andrea J. Wenger is an award-winning writer and editor in Raleigh, North Carolina. She specializes in the fields of creative, technical, and freelance writing.

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  1. If you start experimenting with tattoos, Andrea, I’m gonna worry! But nail polish is good. It also addictive. I like having neat, polished nails and it’s my splurge to myself to get a mani-pedi once a month.

  2. Don’t you love discovering things as adults! I used to paint my nails when I was younger, but now I’m too busy…or perhaps lazy. Yep, I’m going with lazy.

  3. I loved that you said you’re a work in progress and that you’ll never stop experimenting. That’s what I believe keeps me young (in my head, maybe not in my body!). I’m still thinking about the tattoo and my daughter has introduced me to lavender nail polish and I love it. It’s made by OPI and it’s gorgeous.
    Thank you, Andrea, for this post.

  4. No tattoos for me, Tracy! They look best on young, firm bodies. 😉

    Christy, I admit, doing my nails can be time consuming. Especially since I’m uncoordinated and tend to make a mess. (That’s one reason I gave up on nail polish when I was younger.) I’m hoping with practice I’ll get better.

    Patty, I agree that growth is what keeps us young. In my head I still feel 25, even as the gray is becoming more stubborn every year.

  5. I’m always envious of people who take the time to care for and use polish on their nails. Mine are (can I say ugly?) and I never get around to taking care of them. You go, Andrea!

  6. Sheila, my mother had beautiful nails, and I always felt like mine didn’t measure up. And so, there was no point in drawing attention to them. I’m starting to realize that if the only standard that matters is perfection, then I’ll always be disappointed in myself. Even if I can’t have perfect nails, I can still have pretty nails, and that’s enough.

  7. So fun! I love it, Andrea.

    I prefer polish on my toes, but once in a while I get a wild hair and do my fingernails. Maybe I’ll be adventurous like you next time. 🙂

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