Vastly Different, Equally Valuable

valueWhen it was time to sit down and compose today’s post, I asked my girls, who are eight and ten, “What should I write about?”
Littlest didn’t need to think before she blurted, “Toys!” She’s one to say what’s on her mind, little hesitation, and these days she’s all about Monster High dolls and her stuffed animals (Chunky the elephant being her very favorite).
Biggest thought for just a moment before she stated with aplomb, “Write about the value of children, about how children are fantastic, and make your day everyday and stuff.”
These two, they’re something else. They couldn’t be any different from one another outwardly, and personality-wise. One’s an introvert, the other an extrovert. One is easy-going and pleasant, the other takes everything personally, is so dramatic about life. But yet they have a lot in common. They’re both contemplators, aware of the world and of others, and have deep wisdom. They have sweet demeanors. They’re excellent readers and funny little jokesters.
I love them bigger than big. And wow, are they valuable. They’re at the top of the list of things I’m thankful for this holiday, and everyday.
What has the #1 slot for you on Thanksgiving?
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  1. My family, hands down. Everything else in life can come and go, but not the family. Wishing you and your girls a wonderful Thanksgiving, Janna!

  2. Your girls are precious, Janna! Cherish this time with them. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for both my wonderful kids, my husband and a wealth of friends!

  3. My two kids mean more to me than my own life. I never thought I’d ever say such a thing until I had both of them. Thank you to the Universe for allowing me the time I have with them.

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