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On gratitude

I have a lot to be grateful for this holiday season. My family. My friends. My health.

And now, my status as a real, live, about-to-be-published author.

GratefulFor those of you who missed it, a couple of weeks ago my agent and I announced the big news, that two of my books have been picked up by Mira, the women’s fiction imprint at Harlequin. My debut, The Truest Lie, will be released Fall of 2014.

I’m not going to lie. There was a lot of squealing and dancing in my house when the offer came in. Any writer, published or not, will tell you the road to publication is long and paved with rejection letters. It took years of study and failure and creativity and perseverance. It took truckloads of tears and gallons of heartburn medicine. It took a fair amount of wine and Xanax.

But right after the celebration came the doubts. What if no one likes my book? What if no one reads it? Or what if everyone loves the first but hates the second? What if I only have one good book in me?

As a pre-published author, getting that first contract feels like the finish line, but really, it’s only the beginning. The stakes only get higher, the pressure to succeed larger, and the internal editor louder and more critical.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m reminding myself to stop and stay in the now. Yes, I worked hard to get here, and yes, I have still have much to do, but this almost-an-author moment only comes once. I want to experience every second of it.

Tomorrow I will worry about edits and marketing and writing the next, bigger, better book. Today I will be thankful for today.

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