It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

I did one of my least favorite things today. I went the mall with my daughter. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE spending time with my daughter, but the mall…

My daughter is thirteen, she knows Santa lives in her very own home, and she loves to shop. This year, thanks to the fabulous suggestion of my good friend Susan Sands, my daughter has been given a dollar amount and she is buying all of her own Christmas gifts. small__3095100467

I know this doesn’t sound very festive. When Susan first told me she and her husband decided to do this with their three kids last year, I was skeptical. Buy their own gifts? Wrap things they’ve picked out? And then I spent a frustrating season buying and returning all the things she apparently didn’t want.

I’m telling you, this is genius!

So, we went to the mall and while she flittered in and out of the dressing room, I spent my time doing what all writers do: I people-watched. I was amazed at how many men were shopping with their wives/girlfriends/partners/whatever. Whole families were trudging through the stores, clogging the aisles, and waiting in line. Whole families!

Maybe it’s just me, but the LAST person I’d ever drag to the mall is my husband. He hates shopping. He’d rather peel his skin off than spend an afternoon with me at the mall. And the kids? Let’s be honest, who wants their husband/boyfriend/partner/whatever with them when they shop? I mean, really? My husband would tell me something looked good just to make me hurry up. He’d fall asleep in one of those chairs they provide for men. Hell, he’d probably drive off and leave me there—and I’d be happy.

And remember, I don’t like to shop!

So what about you, Women Unplugged? Do you want your man around when you shop? Your family? Let me know…

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  1. My husband and I shop together a lot. At Christmas, we always take a day off and hit the mall with our lists and then grab a nice meal. I’m not a fan of shopping, either, so I’m glad that he’s willing to share this task with me.

    • I complain that he doesn’t help me shop for Christmas presents for the kids, but then I remember what it’s like to shop with him and do it myself. Glad you and your hubby make a date out of it.

  2. Living in a small town with no mall eliminates this problem– not.

    Shopping for teenagers is hard. Good to know what the solution is!

  3. I do most of the shopping online then close to Christmas day my husband and I go out together and buy stocking stuffers and such and have coffee or lunch or whatever. It’s fun.

    • I suppose I’m not giving my husband enough credit. This is his busy time of year and I don’t ask him to help. Glad you and yours make a fun time of it. I love online shopping!

  4. My husband and I have fun shopping together as long as we’re not rushed. If either of us has something else on the schedule that day, forget it. This year, my sister told me to get gift cards for my nieces, who are 8 and 9. The Justice gift certificate I got the 8-year-old for her birthday was a big hit. So, yeah, save yourself the consternation. Letting the kids make their own choices teaches them an important life skill.

    • Where we usually fight when we shop together, we are having fun and she is making smart choices with the money. It’s been a good lesson for us all.

  5. My husband loves to pick our clothes for me (well, love may be too strong of a word) and he has amazing taste in what looks good on me. But for as often as I go shopping, I prefer to go alone b/c then I can take my time and browse.

    Since our boys were in their late teens, we’ve been buying our own gifts, wrapping and putting them under the tree. Then we open each other’s gifts. It’s stressless and wonderfully fun family time. 🙂

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