Time in Get OUTside!

After my whirlwind year of 2013 when writing took up a good chunk of my existence, I’m going back to the garden. Taking a break, if you will, from the fervent typing in exchange for the rhythmic till of soil. It’s good to be outside, especially on a day when it’s sunny and 70! Florida living…. Not that the polar vortex missed us. It didn’t. But we do get a reprieve where many of you do not. My condolences.

My plants have missed me but are loving the cooler temps. Cabbage and broccoli love this weather.

cabbage is happy

Brussels Sprouts are coming along nicely, plumping on the stalk.

Brussels are sprouting

Onions, too. The warm bed of hay mulch helps.

sweet onions are snug

I also have carrots, kale and lettuce in ground. A few peppers, plus, we planted some potatoes today. All seem content. Miraculously, my tomatoes are not brown and dead from last week’s freeze.

frozen but not dead tomatoes

Not sure how that happened but I’m not chancing a bite of the fruit. I think I’m good until spring. 🙂

Spring. In Florida that’s only 6 weeks away! I hate to boast but life is good here in the South.

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  1. Hey Dianne! Glad to hear you’re taking a well-deserved time out from all that writing and marketing! What do you do with kale? I bought some and it’s languishing in the refrigerator.

  2. So jealous of your green thumb!

  3. @Patricia — I use it fresh in my salads, but you can also make dried kale chips by brushing the leaves with olive oil, salt and pepper and oven bake at 200 for an hour or so. Works wonders in Italian wedding soup, too! Or simply sauté with garlic, salt and olive oil. Enjoy 🙂

    @Christy — Gardening is easy at Bloominthyme.com! 😉

  4. Sorry, just to clarify, you can eat it raw?

  5. I’m one of those receiving your condolences, Dianne. 🙂 It’s still winter in my part of the world, and in fact, it’s snowing today, even though the temps are hovering around the freezing mark. I’m so looking forward to spring so I can get outside again. Enjoy your garden!

  6. I used to have a winter vegetable garden, but I gave up on it. As usual, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The payoff exceeds the amount of work from my perspective. Either I plant at the wrong time and things don’t grow well, or the bugs invade. But it was nice being able to walk outside and pick fresh lettuce for a salad.

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