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Boca Grande

Spent a few days in Boca Grande and what a beautiful, secluded place. I have a cousin that moved there a few years back, and has been inviting us down to visit for some time. Well, life is busy, schedules are booked. It never happened. Then, a cousin of my father’s called, mentioning she would be in Florida and how about a visit? Lo and behold, we had two cousins within an hour of one another and a spontaneous trip was arranged!

Boca Grande 2

And I’m so glad it worked out. Boca Grande is a neat place. If you ever get the chance to visit, take it. Small, quaint and tropical, the island is surrounded by water–beautiful beaches and some of the best inlet fishing in the world. In fact, watching fishing tournaments on television is how I first heard of Boca Grande. My son proved the point by catching two snapper, a pinfish and a Jack Crevalle right from their dock!

The fun didn’t stop there. My cousin treated us to a boat tour regaling us with tales of how the dolphin would follow him along as he traveled the bay. We thought that was very cool and sure enough, when he took us to his special spot, the dolphin appeared! They swam behind us, jumping and twisting–it was quite exciting! I have to say, viewing them up close in the wild is far better than any commercial aquarium experience I’ve had.

Boca Grande

From walking the beach to riding with dolphins, the few days we spent in Boca Grande were memorable. Even saw Laura Bush out for a stroll through town on our way out! Famous sightings, gorgeous scenery, this definitely ranks a spot on your to do list.

BTW, if you haven’t already tried it, Pic Stitch is a neat app for your iPhone. My daughter took these pictures over the weekend and put them together in these collages Pic Stitch. Very cool. 🙂

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