One Little Joy

Sometimes it seems hard to stay positive. There are so many things each day to bring us down. However I’ve chosen to take the very difficult road of trying to look at all the good things in life and not focus on the negative. Yesterday I read a line in Ralph Marston’s Daily Motivation that I receive as an e-mail every day. It said:

Even when there’s something big that’s getting you down, you
can find something small to lift you up. Just one little joy
can change your outlook in a big way.

I recall another tidbit I read a few months back that said not every day is a good day but you can find something good in every day. THAT really struck me as something I could use.

We all have bad days but does it have to last the entire day? I bet no matter how down you are or how much negativity you’re experiencing, you can probably find something to lift you up, something to be thankful for, a thought that brings you an attitude of gratitude.



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  1. It’s amazing how embracing something so little can change your life. Yes, there is good in everything. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quotes.

  2. Definitely words to live by!

  3. Yes, we can find some small thing to make us feel better about any day. Also Patti, did you know that the mere act of smiling makes us feel better? It is said that the brain communicates a smile as meaning … everything’s gonna be all right šŸ™‚

  4. Yes, so true. I try to live with this philosophy myself. Thanks for the reminder, Patti!

  5. Patti, I recently took Ginger Calem’s Writer’s Butt class and one of the things she recommended was a daily Gratitude Journal. Every day, write down 5 things that you are thankful for. On those really sucky days, one must dig deep, but I believe recognizing those little moments of happiness–even though they might be brief and fleeting–start to slowly lift our spirits, which helps us get through those rough times. Hugs coming your way. šŸ™‚

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