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Inspiration from Music

My kids love to listen to music. Country is my son’s favorite genre and I’m pleased because I typically like the messages behind country songs: God, America, dating, falling in love, breaking up, getting married, friends…you get the picture. My daughter listens to all the poppy boy bands and pseudo celebrity singers like One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, R5, and Little Mix. These artists are more annoying and generic to the over 40 crowd, and yet generally harmless with shamefully catchy songs.Music Lyrics

I’ve just finished Book 2 in my Kiss and Tell series and now I have to summarize the entire book into a blurb that will entice readers to purchase the book and spend their valuable time reading. For me, writing the book’s blurb is sometimes more difficult than writing the entire book. Every time I start to write a blurb, I think, “I can’t whittle an entire story arc into 300 words. It’s impossible!” And then I think about music.

If a songwriter can write a song about a lifetime in a two-to-four minute song, surely I can summarize a seventy thousand word book into 300 words. A great example of this is Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take the Girl. Or Collin Raye’s If You Get There Before I Do. Or Joe Nichols’ I’ll Wait For You. Go ahead and have a listen, but I’m warning you, you’re going to need a tissue (or at least I did).

ChristyHayes_AKissByTheBook_200pxAfter listening to these songs and having a good cry, I need to get down to business and write the blurb to my latest novel, A Kiss by the Book. Because if a songwriter can make me cry in 2-4 minutes, I should be able to make someone want to read my book in 300 words. What songs inspire you writers out there?

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