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Last week was a whirlwind for the Hayes family. The oldest left Saturday for a mission trip (his first) in Guatemala and the youngest left Sunday for a mission trip (her first) in Tennessee. While the kids were off forging memories and helping to change lives, the hubs and I scooted away to the U.S. Virgin Islands for a late anniversary celebration.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach

The whole week prior as I struggled to pack both kids for very different locations, I kept thinking, “What are we doing? We should just stay home. We could get so much stuff done around the house we’ve put off. And the kids…” Thankfully, it was too late to cancel the reservations because St. John is a beautiful, mountainous island with white sand beaches, friendly people, and near perfect weather. We spent a day boating with our captain, Delbert. We hiked. We relaxed by the pool with the ocean just steps away. We went to a pristine beach and lounged under the shade of mangrove trees.

Indulgent? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely! Sometimes married folks (or those in long-term relationships) get so lost in the daily grind that they forget what brought them together in the first place. A little reminder of why you said, “I do,” before the kids and the mortgage came along never hurt anyone. Thank goodness I ignored my practical nature because after five days alone with my husband, I’m looking even more forward to the next twenty (or more) years together.

Our beach buddy. Yes, that is a rooster.

Our beach buddy. Yes, that is a rooster.

We’re home now, all of us from our adventures, and Mama’s happy to have all her chicks back under one roof. When was the last time you took the time to get away with your someone special?

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  1. We honeymooned on St. John twenty three years ago. Loved the island! So glad you had a relaxing time. I only have two more years of kids at home and then it’ll be back to vacations for two again. Can’t wait!

  2. It’s been years and years since my husband and I went away for any significant length of time. Sometimes, I wonder what it was that brought us together in the first place because we’re each going our own way, doing our own thing and the twain rarely meets. Your idea is a great one!

  3. What a great, inspiring trip, Christy! I’m on the same page as Tracy, however. One child going off to college in the fall as the other begins his adventure in high school. But I am very excited for the times my husband and I will share traveling and having adventures once again as a couple. 🙂 Not so far away. For now, we spend Fridays together while the kids are in school. That’s our “date” day. lol

  4. So glad you two had a wonderful time, Christy (and I’m sure you’re kids had a great time without mom and dad, too 🙂 ). It’s important for the two of you to get away to spend some time alone. We try to get away almost every year, a long weekend to the mountains, to the city for dinner and a show and a night away from home, or a week or two on an actual holiday. It’s rejuvenating, not only for the two of you as a couple, but individually it’s also restful without the stress of those everyday responsibilities. Everyone should do it!

  5. I love the USVI. My husband and I have never stayed on St. John, but we’ve taken day trips there while staying on St. Thomas. In many ways, the views from St. Thomas are even more spectacular because the trees are cleared, so you can see more. But St. Thomas is very touristy, while St. John is much more natural and secluded. Coral Bay is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen.

    Our favorite island of the group is St. Croix. It’s neither as wild as St. John nor as built up as St. Thomas. Also, it’s flatter, and the roads are straighter (relatively), so you can drive there without worrying that you’re taking you life in your hands. If you’re an American citizen, you don’t have to go through customs on the way home, which is a nice bonus from my perspective.

    For me, nothing is better than the white sands, the blue waters, the lush vegetation, the golden sunshine, and time alone with my husband. We make time to go to the tropics every year. It’s our one splurge, and worth every penny.

    • Sounds like you and your husband do it right! Strangely enough, we did have to go through customs on our way back from St. Thomas. We were not expecting that and had thankfully allotted enough time because it took forever! I’d love to go back and explore St. Croix and St. Thomas on a longer trip. I think our next USVI outing will be by boat 😉

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