Daily Archives: April 2, 2014

Simple Happiness

I sit here with a blank document open, determining what to write. No words are rushing out of me, but feelings sure are.
Trust. Hope. Awe. Gratitude. Love.
Women Unplugged isn’t my own personal blog, so I haven’t been as forthcoming with more private matters as I might have from other platforms, but any who have read my posts will have picked up that I’m a single mom who’s somewhere between two and three years into life post-marriage. It’s been a process, a thorough transition, getting to where I am.
I am happy and independent, I’ve learned a bunch about myself, and about the world and people around me. I’ve established myself in varying ways, and have a solid dynamic with my two daughters, one tween and one near-tweener. Excluding a few details I expect to shake down in the next few months, life is good. My soul is content. I had already come to this conclusion.
And then I met a man.
The timing wasn’t mine. And he’s more incredible than I might have imagined for myself. It’s surreal, finding myself here, at this new place.
A place of trust. Hope. Awe. Gratitude. Love.
And it’s all good.
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