Duck Shenanigans, Snow, and Reading Material…

Apr15, 2014 snowWhile some—or many…or maybe all!!!—of you are experiencing the wonderful delights of spring, we’re getting snow again. It’s beautiful, of course. Big white fluffy flakes that I hope will not accumulate overnight. I’m ready to put on my shorts, not my snow boots and winter jacket and toque.

And even though it’s chilly out there, hovering around the freezing temps, in the last week, the geese have arrived. And this morning, our ducks are on the pond, swimming along the edges where the ice has melted, picking their way across the still frozen middle—or iceberg as I joyfully refer to one of the last remnants of our winter.

Our mother duck is far braver than daddy duck, and has ventured onto the thin layer of ice which was water yesterday, but overnight has developed a thin crust of ice. We watch her fall through the paper thin ice, then she sits there and stares at her husband as though she expects him to venture out and rescue her. He doesn’t. Apparently he has more common sense than his female counterpart.

Eventually she manages to crawl back onto the ice, breaks through again, then finally finds a spot that will hold her minuscule weight long enough for her to waddle over to the open water where she spends some time swimming with her mate. But soon they wander out of the water and disappear, searching, I imagine, for a safe spot to nest.

I want to tell them there are no safe spots, except for maybe in our shop. There’s predators all around…that nasty cat who caught our mother duck last year and nearly made a meal of her, foxes and coyotes and believe it or not, a cougar, too.

So while I watch our wildlife settle back onto the acreage, and wait for the warm temps to arrive, I’ve lined up some new releases for my reading material:

The Memory Child by Steena HolmesA Numbers Game by Tracy SolheimDon't Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

A Numbers Game by Tracy Solheim

Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

How about you? Is your part of the world warm or cold? What book(s) are you reading right now? Have you entered the Authors In Bloom bloghop for a chance to win some great prizes (last day is April 16, 2014!)?

Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter to you, my little fluffy bunny. I was thrilled when you posted the pictures of your foul’s return. Glad that it marked the beginning of warmer weather up there in the frozen north.

    I get to watch our hybrid ducks (indigenous only to Florida) waddle around our little village all year. Watch their little ducklings and always say a silent prayer that at least some of them will survive the night predators.

    It’s been spring here all winter. While I watched the white stuff layer my favorite sites in New York and the tri-state area, I had to smile … I left the white stuff and alternate-side-of-the-street parking years ago and don’t miss either of them.

    Hope this means that your part of the world is thawing, that tiny flowers will greet your foul friends and that you will soon be out in your shirt-sleeves basking in the sun 🙂

  2. This weather is crazy! It amazes me that the ducks and the geese aren’t more confused because I sure am. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out. I’m reading Sharla’s book today and hope to get to Steena’s this weekend. Happy spring!

  3. What a gorgeous picture that accompanies your post. Wow. Is that your home? I am so envious. The peace that you must experience is unheard of here in the “burbs”. Our geese were gone for awhile although I think all they did was migrate to a huge lawn several blocks away! They didn’t go very far! They’re slowly but surely returning to the area where I bike each day and I love watching them.

    • Patti, the photo is a picture of the garden shed we built a couple of years ago. Last year we started landscaping around it. This year, I’ll begin to plant the flowers. 🙂

  4. Sheila, I’m always amazed at how the geese can swim in such cold water. I suppose that’s why most winter coats are filled with down! I’ve got two of those three on my TBR shelf along with an interesting assortment of non-fiction titles. Stay warm, my friend!

  5. What a lovely story, Sheila. Winter hasn’t quite left us here in NC. After temperatures in the 70s and 80s for the past week, we had a freeze warning overnight last night and we’ve got another one tonight. I was happy to have crisp temperatures today and to build one last fire in the fireplace.

    • I’ve always thought NC was fairly warm year-round, Andrea, with only a couple of months of cooler weather. Interesting that the cooler temps are hitting you too. Stay warm. 🙂

  6. Oh it’s nice and warm here in Northern California. Mid eighties. Getting too warm actually. But pretty – everything is sparkling green and flowers are everywhere. I get out of my car at home and the lilacs are perfuming the air so sweetly. In a week or so everything will be all dried up and brown. (welcome to summer in my world)

    I’m glad the ducks are back. I hope they can live through another spring to reproduce so they can keep coming back.

    Happy spring, Sheila!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Lilacs…I love the scent of them. The people across the road from us have the road front lined with huge lilac bushes, and a month (or so) from now, every time I go outside, I’ll be able to smell them. 🙂

  7. That’s a gorgeous picture, Sheila!

    Spring has been shy here in the Midwest, too. Two weekends ago it was sunny and wonderful and in the upper fifties by day, and by that evening the temp had dropped to 32 as snow dusted the ground.

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