Easter’s Coming Up

Now that my kids are 20 and 15 Easter Sunday doesn’t carry the anticipation it used to when they were young. In the past I had to wait until they were sound asleep before I filled their baskets with chocolates and stuffed animals then I’d have to find a good place to set the baskets — away from anywhere the dogs could get at them. I’d leave a trail of tiny eggs that eventually met up with the baskets. My husband would take videos of the kids (EARLY in the morning) looking and finding their gifts from the Easter Bunny. It was all so much fun.

And now? Easter Sunday has metamorphosed into a day where my daughter makes up baskets for each of us and I do the same for the two kids and though we “say” they’re from the E.B., it’s not the same. We host dinner for the family and enjoy each other’s company but the anticipation and excitement is in the past, replaced with watching some sort of sports on the television and eating ham and sweet potatoes.

I long for the days when I played the E.B. role.

What do you do to celebrate Easter?

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  1. Easter is pretty much a whole weekend event for our family with Holy Week services and then an Easter Egg hunt for neighborhood kids at church on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we have an egg coloring party on our deck–the high schoolers still love it!. Easter Sunday, we enjoy a pancake breakfast that the church men’s group prepares. After church, it’s egg salad sandwiches. Then we have dinner with our family–this year there’ll be eleven of us. I’m crossing my fingers that the weather will be nice for all of it. Happy Easter everyone!

  2. Hey Tracy! It’s funny that you mentioned teenagers because after everything I wrote, yesterday my 15 year old daughter asked if she could have 3 guy friends over and have an Easter egg hunt with plastic eggs with nickels and dimes and/or chocolates inside!!!! So, I’m going to have an old fashioned Easter anyway. YAY!

  3. Patti, the days are long gone when we celebrated a family Easter. After the outfits, the baskets and the excitement, the kids would spend the day with their father or with me at my brother’s house. These days the bunny is but a memory and the family hundreds of miles away … Oh well 🙂

  4. Patti, we’re having a quiet Easter. My mom was supposed to get knee surgery this last Thursday, but at the last minute it was cancelled, so we’re just having a quiet weekend with the immediate family in the area.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  5. Happy Easter to you, Sheila, and to everyone at Women Unplugged!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your Easter, Patti! It was church and family dinner for us!

  7. I hear you. My kids are still young, but we don’t need baskets full of goodies and toys and junk. This year we went to church, and then I took them to the store to pick a book for purchasing. And they were happy with that! 🙂

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