I don’t know about you, but I love blueberries. On my yogurt, in my cereal, plucked straight off the bush. They’re delicious and healthy and only have one downside. They stain your teeth. Ugh. Bring a toothbrush out to the garden, right? A little staining isn’t going to stop me from enjoying this delectable fruit!

delectable blueberries

And now I have my very own blueberry orchard. Sort of. A dozen or so bushes might not qualify for orchard status, but it does around my house. Now that the birds and I are on good terms–they don’t eat my blueberries and I don’t let my son scare them with his arsenal of boy tricks and tactics–we have complete harmony. Every morning on my way to the garden, I stop by the blueberry patch and pluck a handful of sweet blues.

plump blueberry

Really beautiful… And fairly easy to grow. You need a mix of varieties to ensure good pollination and the proper mix of fertilizer, say a 12-4-8. Blueberries prefer a slightly acidic soil (4.0 – 5.0pH), which is why I use pine bark mulch. Prune during the summer months after harvest for a more vigorous growth, and come winter, they’ll be ready to “chill.” Did you know that blueberry bushes need a certain number of hours at cold temps in order to set blossoms? They do! Hours generally range from 200 – 500 in temperatures around 32 – 45 degrees F. Interesting.

bluberries yet to blue.

Anyhoo. If you like, blueberries, these plants are worth a try.

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  1. I love blueberries, Dianne. Maybe I’ll give them a try this year…

  2. In my next life, I’m going to have a green thumb! I’d love to have gardens of fresh fruits and vegetables at my disposal. 🙂

  3. I don’t eat enough blueberries! I know they have so many good things inside them that are healthy for us but I rarely eat them. I hear they freeze well and maybe I should try them frozen. Do they have a taste if they’re frozen?

  4. We have blueberries growing on my family’s homestead. Lots and lots of blueberries! Every year, my sister and mom go out and pick them. One year, I went with them, discovered that the plants are only a few inches off the ground, and asked them how they picked them. Their answer…on their hands and knees. I buy mine from the store. I know, not as healthy… 🙂

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