Of Course This Is All About MOM

Two days until Mother’s Day so I know you’re not surprised I’m writing about being a mom, right? I’ve often been asked, “Do you have an age that’s your favorite?” Now that my son is 20 and my daughter’s 15, this question makes me laugh out loud. It implies motherhood stops at a certain age, i.e. that I can ALREADY look back and decide what time I liked the best. HA!!! How would I know what age is the most fun raising kids when my job is far from over?

I used to read articles about how difficult it is to be a “new mom”. That is to say, when you have a baby who wakes up in the middle of the night several times and you have to nurse. Then there’s changing dirty diapers all day, every day for years. Feeding bottles, spoon-feeding gloppy pureed string beans, potty-training, learning to walk and talk, and on and on. Oh so difficult.

Now that my kids are older, I look back and roll my eyes and shake my head. THAT was hard? HA!

I think not.

Raising teenagers, in my opinion, is one of the hardest ages – hands down..so far, that is.

You no longer say, “No”, and get listened to. Everything’s an argument or a discussion. Your word is no longer “the law”. Sometimes you feel as if you’re living with criminals the way they defy your supposed “laws”.

And I thought I spent a ton of money on baby food, Avent bottles, and diapers?  That’s nothing compared to prom dresses, high heels, purses, perfume, Taco Bell! It’s the constant “break out the check book, Mom, puh-leeze!” Going to the movies costs a chunk of change. And the driving? I now know what it’s like to be a taxi driver. Boyfriend problems, having sex when I never knew he was dating…the list is eternal.

And it’s not over, believe me. They both still live at home. I’m happy about that. I’d miss them terribly if they weren’t here. The expensive economical state of affairs in California precludes either of them from leaving the nest and breaking out on their own.

Which means motherhood has most definitely not stopped just because they’re 20 and 15.

And other mothers have told me (thank you, Florence) that even when they’re 50, they still cry “Mom!” when they’re in  trouble.

But I would not take back a single day.

Happy Mother’s Day to me and ALL you mothers out there!

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  1. I remember returning to work after taking five months maternity leave with my son. A wizened co-worker who was the father of teenagers told me to keep in mind that my kids will test my physical strength when they were young and my mental state when they were older. His words couldn’t have been more prophetic!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Patti! Yes, the teenage years are the hardest, hands down. Bit it’s worth it!

  3. You speak the truth, Patti. And yes, I do know. My twin grandchildren are applying for colleges and my son is chin deep in their issues … and to make my life more fun … my younger daughter is 41 and expecting her first baby girl.

    My mother warned me that this job of mothering is never done and I now see how right she was. If that is the down side to grown kids, that is okay too. You get different problems but you also get different joys. The bottom line is that our jobs are truly never over.

    However, I do admit that the hardest ages were when they were teens. Keep trucking, girl. The best part is still to come 🙂

  4. Oh yes, those teen years are absolutely the worst, but watching the kids go through all the stages of life, and turn out to be fine young men or woman, is priceless. It makes those difficult teen years worth all the tears. 🙂

    Happy mother’s day!

  5. Janna Qualman

    Oh my goodness, you’re right, there are blessings and difficulties no matter the stage!

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