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Diary of a debut author, part I

9780778317227_TS_SMPMy debut, The Last Breath, hits stores and the world wide web on September 30th. By then, my publisher, agent, and I will have been working on the release for almost a year. You’d think I would feel more prepared. Heck, I’m hoping by the fall I will be. But for now, I’m a stewing mess of nerves and insecurities.

I imagine the questions that roll through my head on repeat aren’t anything every debut author hasn’t thought. How will people find my book? What if everyone who finds it hates it? What if I have a launch party and no one comes? Is there anybody out there who would fork over $8.49 for a copy besides me and my mother? The thing is, I don’t know. I don’t know, y’all! And that freaks the worrier in me way the heck out.

But in a couple of weeks, I will pack up my prettiest dress and highest heels and head up to BEA, the Book Expo of America, to hock my books. I will schmooze with my publisher and sign a million gallies and network with buyers and pass out swag to anyone who will take it. And I will do my very, very best to leave my insecurities at home.

So if you happen to be in NYC on May 30th, I’d love it if you came see me at the Harlequin booth.

Because, you know, I’m not entirely certain anyone else will.

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