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  1. I have a page, too, but I’m not sure what it actually looks like. 🙂 Can’t wait for the app to go live!

  2. Thanks, Sheila … another great way to connect to the talent here at WU. I mean don’t you just love technology ?? This boomer loves it all 🙂

  3. Janna Qualman

    Neat! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    I just started a romance by Elin Hildenbrand. It’s the first I’ve ready by her, but so far I like it.

  4. Well, since I’m NOT big on technology, I haven’t really contemplated exploring this new thing. I heard about it through the RWR magazine, but I have no idea what it is, what it does, or why I should have it. And doesn’t it cost money?

    I’m sure when I have a book out there to buy, I’ll be all over stuff like this. You’ll have to keep us posted on how you like it and any results you’ve since since having it.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  5. Can’t wait for you and Tracy to let me know if this app is worth it. Keep us posted and best of luck!

  6. I’m anxious to download it so I can see it, Christy. 🙂

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