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Summers As A Teenager

I don’t know about the majority of teenagers out there but when I was 15 years old I started to work every summer. I saved money to supplement my parents putting me through four years of college, and after I graduated with a B.A., I worked full-time to put myself through grad school.

My son, who is 20, works part-time during the school year – 20 hours a week – to pay for his car insurance and any extras he needs for eating out, going to the movies, things like that. He takes 12 units per semester which is considered full-time.┬áThis summer he’ll be taking one or two classes, one online class and one regular class, for six weeks. I mentioned to him that when I was his age I worked full-time in the summers, i.e. forty hours a week, though I wasn’t going to school. I suggested he take on more work hours to supplement his income.

Well, I doubt THAT’S going to happen.

I’ve read a ton of information about how young kids today expect more for working a lot less, but I never have been faced with this in my own family. I don’t like to make generalizations because that’s just what they are – oversimplified deductions about an issue that’s not true in all cases. But it seems that in this case, the generalization may fit my son to a tee.

Does he actually expect us to pay for four to six years of college all by ourselves? We don’t qualify for financial aid and guess what? We don’t have 100,000 dollars in the bank just waiting to be spent on sending him to college and living in the dorms either.

What do you all think?

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