Mopey Monday

I’m old. I know my age. I accept my age, but getting old really stinks some times. Sometime last year, I wore a pair of tennis shoes too long (as in way past when I should have replaced them) and ended up tearing a ligament in both of my feet. One healed on its own, the other didn’t. After two cortisone shots and six weeks in a boot, I’m still not 100 in cone

So you’d think I’d take some precautions going forward–stop being so cheap and replace my shoes, eat right, exercise. I’m good on those fronts, but this weekend I was feeling better. Out of the boot, on the lake with my family and some of the kids’ friends, I couldn’t let the kids have all the fun on the water. I grew up skiing so surfing behind the boat should have been a piece of cake. Except it wasn’t, and now I write this blog post from my home away from home–our local urgent care–with shooting back and leg pain.

My youth is over. I give up. I surrender to adulthood. Give me meds and a comfy place on the couch. That smell of Ben Gay is coming from me. I’ll pack my purse with hard candy and drink bourbon with a splash of water every day at five like my grandmother. Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself and it will pass. Growing old stinks, but as someone wise recently reminded me, it’s better than the alternative.

I’m tapping out, Coach. It’s long past time. By Tuesday I’ll be better, but for today I’m moping around. With my meds. But not bourbon. I don’t like bourbon. Won’t you join me?

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  1. Janna Qualman

    Aw, nuts. Christy, I feel for you! (And I hope you’re without pain SOON.)

    Let those mopey feelings sit for just a bit. I think it’s healthy to have them, temporarily, now and then, because we are that much more grateful for the highs and blessings. It’s good for perspective.

    Let’s stick with coffee, yeah? Cheers!

  2. I’m dragging today, too. Not so badly that I need urgent care, but I’ve certainly been that route before. πŸ™‚ Getting older isn’t pretty, but I’m not giving up doing the things I want to do. I’ll just do them slower. A lot slower! Sit back and enjoy the scenery of the lake and let the family pamper you! Feel better soon.

  3. Sorry, Christy, hope they give you some good pain killers, and you’re feeling better soon. We’re all growing older together, and as frustrating as it can be sometimes, I try to remind myself of the good things. Like the self-confidence that comes with experience. I’m celebrating a milestone birthday this year, and I’ve earned every one of those years. I’ve never been happier.

    • It was a reality check for sure. I do enjoy my age, but sometimes my body forgets to remind my body that I’m not a young adult any more. Message received!

  4. Every time we attempt something we used to do so easily, it’s a crap shoot as to how it will turn out. Sorry your gamble was a bust. I damaged a rotator cuff wakeboarding a few years back.

    I know you; you will bounce back and be pounding the pavement as soon as humanly possible. So sorry you’re mopey on such a lovely Summer’s day.

    Take care, and I’ll see you soon!

  5. I feel your pain. Or maybe it’s my pain. I went skiing a few years for Mothers Day and I am still recovering.

    Maybe I should take up alligator wrestling. It’d be quicker

    • I’d love to see you alligator wrestle, Laura. In fact, I believe I’d pay to see it πŸ™‚ I’m an old lady snow skier for sure and the water sports are now going to be observed from the boat.

  6. You WILL get better. Count on it. Then you can continue to feel “not as old as you think you are”. I’ve never subscribed to the “I’m old” thing because I think it brings people down and stops them from doing what they can still do. A lot of feeling “old”, though yes we are aging, is in our heads.

    • I suppose I needed a reminder (or a kick in the butt). I’m sure I’ll be back up and running in no time. Hard to sit around when your butt hurts…

  7. Oh Christy, I feel your pain. You know how often I’ve fallen down the stairs and it seems to take forever to heal. But I can hear your sense of humor coming through in your post, so even though you don’t have your 20 year old bones and muscles, you still have your sense of humor…and humor is the thing that will keep us all young long after our bodies say ENOUGH. πŸ™‚

    Take good care of yourself and let your family spoil you rotten. You not only deserve it, you need it!

  8. I feel your pain, my friend. Literally. I hope you’re back up and feeling better soon. You may not feel as young as you used to but you sure look great! XOXO

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