What Does “Unplugged” Mean To You?

When contemplating what to post today I thought about the name of this blog – Women Unplugged. I don’t recall who thought of the title but I like it. It’s unique and appropriate. Why?

I notice that there are few, if any, men who read our posts. I don’t wonder why since it’s obviously a blog for women who want to read posts that are, well, unplugged – out of the norm, different, not what you’d expect, et al.

I enjoy reading what’s written here because I never know what to expect. Every woman’s post is uniquely different than any others that have been written before. No posts “fit” into any particular category or theme. That’s what makes them all “unplugged”.

I see the posts in my inbox and, just as Forest Gump would say, “you never know what you’re gonna get”.

So I’m taking my “day” for posting on the Women Unplugged site to say “thank you” to those women who are not only writing the posts but reading them as well.

What does “unplugged” mean to you?


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  1. Thanks, Patricia! I try to keep my posts relevant either to whats going on the world–which probably means I’m not that unplugged–or what’s happening in my world of writing. A big thank you from me, also, to those who subscribe and read our posts!

  2. Patti, I came to this blog through Sheila. I don’t recall when or why but I do remember it was her post that I read first.

    I have since found that “unplugged” not only applies to many of you here, but to many of you on Facebook or on your own individual blogs and web pages.

    Out of the ordinary, what I don’t see every day, the unique view of our world and always with a bent on the woman’s world. Whether it’s about your kids or the better-half or your books, I always expect and receive a pleasant read 🙂

  3. I’m so blessed to be a part of this blog! I can vent (and often do), receive support, express my opinion, solicit advice, and meet new friends. On the flip side, I get a glimpse inside the world of my blogmates and a whole new perspective on life. I’m so grateful to those who stop by and visit. This is truly a labor of love!

  4. I’m pretty “unplugged” from the rest of the world, Patti. Live too much of the day inside my own head. LOL! But I love to read everyone’s thoughts, and what’s happening in their world. It’s great to have the freedom to discuss what ever topic interests us, to share the good and bad in our lives, and to make new friends in the process. I consider myself lucky to be included. 🙂

  5. Janna Qualman

    Love this! Thrilled to be a part myself, whether the writing or reading side.

  6. I’ve always thought about “unplugged” in the MTV sense–acoustic rather than electric guitar. How does that translate to blogging? Intimate, honest, down-to-earth, real. I’ve been with this blog for a year now, and it’s been a joy. Thanks for the chance to share with you!

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