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Puppy Love

harper 1Get a puppy, they said.  It’ll be fun, they said.

Here’s my theory about puppies (and ponies, for that matter) God made them cute so that when they’re chewing the furniture, nipping at the toddler next door, or waking us up at 4:30 am, we don’t rush out and drown them in the nearest river.

Last summer, when I wrote my ode to my wonderful old lady dog, Jetta, I brashly stated I wouldn’t get another.  Fast forward a year and here I am, sleepless in Georgia.  Apparently what they say about motherhood is also true with puppy motherhood:  as the years pass, you forget the pain of the early days of having a newborn (or puppy) in the house.  In my case, the amount of wine I’ve consumed over the past fourteen years must of fried that particular portion of my memory bank.

Puppies don’t sleep through the night?  How did I forget that part?!  Perhaps because, back then, I already had a toddler in the house who didn’t sleep through the night either.  (Jetta actually slept through the night before the Diva did, that I do remember.)  I was also two decades younger.  Enough said.

So I caved to the puppy pressure in my house.  In fact, I went even further and justified my decision by saying that our new cuddly canine was a birthday gift for my husband.  You know the rest of the story, right?  There’s a baby in the house and my mama genes have gone into overdrive.  I lay awake at night trying to decipher if the whimpering I hear from the family room is a 1) puppy nightmare, 2)I- need-to-go-potty cry or 3) I’m-bored-get-me-out-of-here whine.  What’s my husband doing?  Snoring.mom

Harper (or Harper-No as she goes by most often) is three months old today which means we are right smack in the middle of the terrible twos.  She’s teething, too.  Seriously, it’s a good thing she’s so stinking cute.  Everything is her playground, the flowerbeds, the laundry basket, even her water dish.  A leaf blowing in the backyard can occupy for–well, okay, only several minutes, but she is a puppy.  They get distracted easily.

Studies show that owning a pet can lower your stress levels and make you feel calmer.  Is it stressful having a puppy who has to constantly be watched for fear of what she’ll swallow next or who wakes up with the birds?  I’m not gonna lie, yes, it is.  Here comes the but, though:  that afternoon when she was mesmerized by a leaf blowing across the grass was one of the most relaxing times I’ve had all summer.  It’s awesome to come through the door after a week away on a business trip and have that bundle of fur launch herself at my knees.  Puppy kisses are the best.

The best place to sleep is under Mommy's desk.

The best place to sleep is under Mommy’s desk.

Even now as she’s sprawled over my feet, snoring while I type this, I wouldn’t trade her.  I would like her to move a little bit,though, because my feet are numb.  And I have to pee.  But I don’t dare wake her because this is the longest stretch of writing time I’ve had all morning.  That’s life with a puppy in the house!

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