To Study or Not to Study (No Question)

To study, by’s explanation, is to apply oneself to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, practice, or reflection.

I made the recent decision to, as my kids jump into another year of school, devote time and energy to some independent study for myself. It makes sense, expounding upon my understanding of particular subjects, especially those which fascinate me, and I’m not sure why I never thought of it before. I mean, I know that I’ve been a (sometimes) willing student of life, and a voracious reader, but I suppose I’ve kept so busy working and parenting and simply being, that I’ve never, as an adult, thought about actively pursuing topics I’m interested in to research and absorb.

There’s suddenly something so appealing about reading and studying in ways that are natural to me. Now that I’m years-removed from my classroom education I can recognize the ways in which I most effectively approach learning and content retention, and control them myself. Plus, now I can do it for simple enjoyment and personal gain, not because I’ll be tested, or because it’s necessary for advancement.

For sure I’m interested in philosophy and religion, and also the writing craft (something I’m not unfamiliar with, but need to deeply review), so these are first up on my list.

So far I’m several pages into each of these books:


What’s hardest is choosing which to pick up any given moment of spare time. Are any of them familiar to you?

Down the line, I’d like to delve into psychology and forensic science, as well. Are there any titles related to those topics you would recommend?

What would you study now if you could find (or make) the time? What would you apply yourself to for the sake of knowledge?

I challenge you: Pick a topic, buy a book about it, and study.

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  1. Religion and philosophy sound like great topics to explore. Who knows what great stuff your studies could bring to your other writing? I’m a lifelong student, too. I’m currently reading books about behavioral economics and relational psychology. Sounds like heady stuff but, basically, I want to know why people do the things they do.
    Good luck with your reading.

    • Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by! And yes, that’s a big motivator for me, too: understanding others’ motivation.

  2. I’ll be curious to hear whether you are inspired as you read writing craft books. Whenever I hit a lull in my story or my passion for this profession begins to lag, I reach for a craft book and the ideas flow and the excitement feels palpable. I hope you experience the same. 🙂

    • I hope to be, Christy, and think I will. I have a large stack in my personal library that worked in the past, I just need to dig in again. 🙂

  3. If you’ve ever read any of my blogs you probably already know I’m an animal enthusiast. I’m fascinated by elephants and if I had more time I’d like to study them up close and personal. I read a lot about them and mostly found out what I know now through Facebook pages. It’s amazing what is out there on that site. Who knew?

    • I *did* notice, and I really enjoy all your animal-related posts on FB! 🙂

      There are definitely some diverse and eclectic groups online.

  4. Janna, I’m a history buff and a media junkie. I love to read about people who’ve impacted the world–either for the better or worse. I try to glean character traits that I use in my writing and my everyday life from these biographies.

    • Very cool! I’m sure your interests have informed your writing immensely (especially as related to sports).

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