Knowledge is Power (and very distracting)

By the time my blog day comes around, I’ve usually gotten worked up about something, or inspired by someone, or wanted to express an opinion, or even ask advice. This week?




I thought I’d cobble something together about a study I’m doing and headed over to the Miriam Webster online dictionary. Suddenly, my ADD-addled brain was distracted by a series of quizzes underneath the search bar.

How Strong Is Your Vocabulary? Well, I’m a writer and I’d really beefed up my vocab skills a few years ago (okay, maybe a decade ago) when I thought I wanted to go to graduate school, so I clicked on the link and did surprisingly well. Yep, my vocabulary isn’t bad.

Next, I couldn’t help clicking on the True or False quiz about stuff worth knowing. Stuff worth knowing? I want to know stuff. Heck, I’m trying to write about stuff, so of course I clicked on the link. Turns out I know some stuff. Not all stuff, but a good amount.

Next came Name that Thing, a visual vocabulary quiz. I’m humble enough to admit I didn’t do so well with this one. Maybe I’m not a visual learner.

But I’m no fool, because I didn’t even click on the Spell It: commonly misspelled words quiz. I know I can’t spell and I thank God daily for spell check and auto correct.

Speaking of auto correct, here’s another complete waste of time that makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. Autocorrect blunders. Adult humor, folks. No kids allowed.

Now that I’ve managed to distract anyone who happens to read this blog, you’re welcome. Yes, I’m a geek with a sick sense of humor. I promise to do better next time 🙂

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  1. Those quizzes get me all the time, too! I guess we never want to stop learning. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post! Now I can one-up others because I “know people” who “know stuff worth knowing.”

    I’m totally grinning on the bus. Huge faux pas. This engineering bunch from Pakistan that just got on will think I’m flirting and want to stick me in a burka where I belong.

    Have a great day!!

  3. I actually enjoy little word quizzes but don’t see them that often. I always loved (when I was growing up) those comparative pictures where you have to find what’s different in picture #2 from picture #1. I still like them but never ever see them.
    I have dot-to-dot for adults which I love! Believe me, they exist. Some of them are very intricate with 1,000 dots.

  4. Fun post! And I love vocab quizzes. 🙂

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