Hello, Fall!

This morning, I woke up and greeted my children, “Happy Fall!”

Glum morning pouts returned, “It’s not fall, yet.”

“But it’s the 22nd. Yesterday was actually the cutoff, so I’m safe today.”

“My calendar says its tomorrow,” my teenage daughter replied.


Hmph. “Your calendar is wrong, or this is one of those off years. Either way, I’m celebrating today! Hot cider anyone? Glass of red wine by the fire?”

red wine by fire

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not only the cooler temps and fall foliage (leaves I get to enjoy on television), but it signals a change in pace. Gone are the unruly days of summer when life is a free for all with the kids home, bored, restless, but it’s also the time of year I get back in the garden.

squash going great

In Central Florida, September is planting month and boy, have I been planting! So far, I have black beans, red beans, lima beans, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, kale and peppers in for the new season. My okra and peanuts are finishing, making way for sweet onions, carrots, garlic and potatoes over the next weeks and months. Whew–doesn’t that just sound exciting?

How about you? Do you live where the gardens are going gangbusters right about now? If not, feel free to enjoy mine vicariously….at BloominThyme!


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  1. I love fall, too! I feel the urge to nest and get my house ready for the onslaught of holidays and then the gloom of winter. Enjoy the gardening!

  2. We just bought our first two trees: one is lemon and the other a lime and repotted them, waiting for them to grow and make our yard look less “concrete-ish”. We also bought some succulents and cacti and are looking forward to watching them flourish. Our first flower/tree garden ever.

  3. I’m with you, fall is my favorite! And I love that first pic you used. Beautiful!

  4. I’ll have to enjoy gardening vicariously, Dianne! I admire your energy and your results. Happy Fall!

  5. I’m ready for fall as long as winter doesn’t set in too fast! Now that the cooler weather is here, I’m hoping to get back to gardening. Spending time in nature helps center me, and I haven’t done enough of it lately.

  6. Our gardens are frozen, Dianne. My mom still has carrots left in hers, but everything else is out of the ground.

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